Thursday, June 2, 2005

More on Media

Old media is under threat everywhere. Unfortunately, they’ll be the last ones who see that it’s not the medium that their audience is fleeing; it’s their content – honestly – it is.

We don’t have one, but we respect the power of satellite radio, and so too does the New York State Broadcasters Association who fears that their lowest common denominator, right wing, over-produced and over-hyped commercial junk radio is under threat from companies that are offering listeners a choice in what they hear and an opportunity to listen to content that hasn’t been stifled by right wing corporate censorship.

The Saratogian is clearly afraid – rather than provide quality content online, they’re simply trying to force us to drive into town to buy their crappy paper – good luck.

So… some really cool media sites:

Hudson Mohawk Indy Media (Local Indy Media Site)
A Fairly Young Contrarian (Local Blog)
Newsbreakers (Local Media Criticism)
WikiNews (Collaborative News Writing on the Wiki Model) (Media Reform)
Media Access Project (Public Access Advocacy)

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