Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adirondack Mountain Reserve Through-Hiker Arrested

Here is a disturbing story from Glens Falls blogger (i am alive) who was arrested for trespassing after signing the register at the gatehouse at the Adirondack Mountain Reserve’s Lake Road entrance and attempting to hike to Dial and Nippletop mountains:

…we were approached by an armed man. other than his name tag, he was not dressed as a security officer, but he was carrying a silver pistol. he had a digital camera bag around his neck and had a small bleeding wound on his face. without explanation, he took out the camera and began taking pictures of us. as soon as he began speaking, we knew our hike was over…

…he proceeded to escort us back to the gatehouse and detain us. he called in another security guard from the Ausable Club and summoned a state officer by radio. we sat being totally cooperative, providing identification and surrendering adam’s weapons (he had a leatherman and his new kershaw knife). inside my head i am thinking, “this is just to scare us, he can’t really arrest us….right?”…

…here we waited for over an hour until a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Officer could arrive to deal with all of our lawlessness. i actually felt bad for the EnCon officer. seriously, did he need to come all that way to deal with us? we would have quietly left the property if mr. cowboy said that we really couldn’t have the dog and had to turn around. he never gave us that chance.
so in his generosity, mr. cowboy decided only to “arrest” one of us. oh yeah, you guessed it…it was me.

Amazing. That should be good for regional economic development. I guess it’s not surprising, even their web page is off limits – that is, unless you want to serve them.

What does this say about Sandy Treadwell, who claims AuSable Club owner William Weld as his surrogate? Does Treadwell condone arresting his constituents for through-hiking?

UPDATE: Apparently this is not an uncommon experience. Check out what happened to Press Republican outdoors writer Dennis Aprill in June of this year here.

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  10. Homitch says:

    I was stopped by workers of ausable club employees as well-same story-no uniform, with the gun….didn’t introduce himself…called police…he was telling me that I will be arrested as well I was hunting in the State Lands DEC-but my car was parked on their property-there were no signs that I can not carry arm (by the way I had all bullets in my packet)…police didn’t arrest me ..maybe only because I was recording in using my cell phone-retards I’m actually will be going to court due to the fact that officer gave me 2 tickets one for “hunting on posted property” -which I didn’t do, was hunting on state lands. One more for “carrying firearm on Adirondack’s Mountine Trails-which was only to get from parking to the state land-but gun was offloaded and I didn’t know that it was illegal -no signs about it. I would like to stop what they are doing to people who want to enjoy Sate Land!!!

  11. Homitch says:

    Ausable Club -stay away from there….I will fight for my rights in court and trough internet….please put negative reviews on this security workers on

    Adirondacks Mountine Reserve -Ausable Club -google it PLEASE

  12. Moose says:

    The Ausable club is legally posted. There are signs every hundred feet or so along the road and in the parking area. It’s not big print but if you took the time to read them or research where you were going before you set out hunting you would have known it is illegal. Don’t waste your time fighting them. Your guilty.

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