Monday, December 15, 2008

Adirondack Life Reports on Adirondack Blogs

Mary Thill has a story in the new Adirondack Life magazine about blogs and blogging in the Adirondacks. Adirondack Almanack gets high honors:

The blog often cited as a “must-check” by well-read Adirondackers is The site’s author scans regional news outlets and other blogs, posting new links and comments regularly. The host is an able historian who digs up context to breaking stories that daily news reporters can’t or just don’t. Adirondackalmanack’s postings occasionally have a progressive voice but the emphasis is on timely and entertaining information.

Other blogs featured include Adirondack Base Camp, “a place to escape the distractions of 24-hour information and get back to nature” Adirondack Naturalist, along with City Mouse / Country House (“an engrossing blog”), and the “guileless and inspiringly nice” Lake Placid Skater. The story includes several more sites worth checking out – all of which can be found in the blog roll at right.

Unfortunately “Blog Cabin: Online in the Blue Line” won’t be online until after the New Year [Update: it’s now located here]. In the meantime, you have to suffice with the mentions of Adirondack Almanack in the old media, including the Adk Life story from 2006 about thin ice, drawn from the Almanack archives.

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John Warren

John Warren has been exploring the woods and waters of the Adirondacks for almost 50 years. After a career as a print journalist and documentary television producer he founded Adirondack Almanack in 2005 and co-founded the geolocation services company Adirondack Atlas in 2015.

John remains active in traditional media. His Adirondack Outdoors Conditions Report can be heard Friday mornings across the region on the stations of North Country Public Radio and on 93.3 / 102.1 The Mix. Since 2008, John has been a media specialist on the staff of the New York State Writers Institute.

John is also a professional researcher and historian with a M.A. in Public History. He edits The New York History Blog and is the author of two books of regional history. As a Grant Consultant for the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, he has reviewed hundreds of historic roadside marker grant applications from around New York State for historical accuracy.

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Support the Adirondack Almanack and the Adirondack Explorer all year long with a monthly gift that fits your budget.