Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ADK Music Scene: Diz in North Creek, Jamming Etiquette

Tonight in North Creek at barVino, Diz is playing at 8 pm! Diz is a multi instrumentalist singer. On his website there is a nice example of his voice. He sings poignant love songs and tells a great joke – it should be a fun show.

Also tonight there is a regular Wednesday jam at The Shamrock in Gabriels. Located at the end of Split Rock Road coming from Saranac Lake and on the left on the road that runs between Gabriels and Bloomingdale coming from Paul Smiths. It’s a fantastic place, excellent food and all round great scene. There is a core group and always folks who stop in at different times during the night. It seems to get going around 8 pm but can start on either side of that – sometimes it runs as late as midnight and sometimes it’s over by 10 pm.
The bulk of the tunes are fiddle,mandolin and banjo driven. All are welcome to participate but please remember your jamming etiquette. The biggest rule of thumb is listen, listen the whole time but particularly if you don’t know a tune or song. If you are leading a tune – really lead it – let people know what’s coming up as best you can, don’t play over other peoples singing or solos and if you make a mistake; cut someone off, play the wrong chord, step out of rhythm, smile and possibly apologize then move on – we’ve all done it. Like anything else you get better the more you pay attention.


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