Monday, March 22, 2010

Adirondack Bracket 2010: Blue Line 32 (UPDATED)

We enter the second round of the 2010 Adirondack Bracket with a few upsets to report. Here are the headlines:
Bad News for Nuisance Species: Watermilfoil, spiny waterflea, rock snot, Realtors, skunks and porcupines all went down to defeat.
Good News for Threatened Species: Bicknell’s thrush, timber rattlesnakes, and proposed APA boathouse regulations prevailed (though tender rattlesnake root, Prenanthes Boottii—correct spelling—proved no match for the heavier boots of Black Brook).
More headlines:
Betty Little, out.
Pete Hornbeck, gone.
Bye-bye 2009 Champion Stewart’s Shops.
Sam Champlain demolishes the Crown Point Bridge!

After some technical difficulties with the coin (we had some trouble getting it to come up heads), our Adirondack Olympians prevailed over the Paul Smith’s College false alarms. They will now meet WNBZ radio’s Talk of the Town who trash-talked Seneca Ray Stoddard into submission.

Adirondack North Country Association, publishers of last year’s APRAP report advanced to the next round after what appeared to be a no-show contest against the always-irritating no-see-ums.

Backyard Sugarin’ (which, by the way is a 2006 how-to book by Rink Mann, and the last remaining Bracket entry with terminal punctuation, following the first round loss by “Protect the Adirondacks!” in the first round) beat “Killer frost” and looks to gain strength with the return of more seasonal temperatures. They now face “Special elections,” which had a banner year in 2009, but has been quiet so far in 2010.

Frankenpines stood strong against the entire Moody clan. In what is shaping up to be a battle of recent APA approvals, these poorly disguised communication towers will now face Triclopyr, the herbicide recently approved combat Eurasian watermilfoil on Lake Luzerne.

More updates to come. Join us throughout the day as we continue the analysis of the first round and previews the round of 32!

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