Friday, March 26, 2010

Adirondack Bracket 2010: The Round of Sixteen (Part 2)

The round of sixteen match-ups continue. The upper right division of the Bracket saw a stunning upset of our Adirondack Olympians by the opinionated crew from WNBZ radio’s Talk of the Town. No doubt threatened cuts to the Olympic Regional Development Authority annual budget from the New York State Senate rattled the concentration of the younger, more athletically inclined, better-dressed, more polite, and far less gloomy team. Way to go, talkers, you move on to face Low’s Lake, an issue you have often argued into submission. Low’s Lake bested road salts, a perennial threat to the health and beauty of our waterways through the excessive application of State DOT crews and local plow fleets.

Loggers left Adirondack movies (a squad with a storied past and promising future, and here) on the cutting room floor.

Loggers now face the sole surviving 2009 final four contestant Samuel de Champlain, who made short work of timber rattlesnakes to advance.

In the lower right regionals, the return of sub-freezing temperatures has extended the run for Backyard Sugarin’ (a former regional magazine editor insists that the title of this useful how-to guide sounds dirty). They brought a premature end to the impressive run of special congressional elections in Adirondack Districts which stemmed from President Obama’s nominations of Hillary Clinton and John McHugh to federal posts. It is worth noting that the third and last special election will be held this November, as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand officially defends her appointment.

Backyard Sugarin’ now confronts ANCA, one of the least identifiable acronyms within the Blue Line (Adirondackers Need Clearer Acronyms!). ANCA has made an impressive show under rookie coach Kate Fish. Established in 1953 to promote community, cultural and commercial development within the park, the organization, known as the Adirondack Park Association changed its name in 1983 after a dozen years of exchanging misaddressed mail with the Adirondack Park Agency and the Association to Protect the Adirondacks. They defeated the APA’s proposed boathouse regulations.

Planning boards—who most recently lost rookie talent when the northern Adirondack Town of Franklin abolished its newly formed board—made it past another 2009 final four contender, Warrensburg’s World’s Biggest Garage Sale. They now face the most enduring summer residents: Bicknell’s thrush (who are looking to a possible final four match with birders). This should be interesting, as the planning boards might have something to say about these little critters’ habit of building summer homes at high elevations.

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