Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adirondack Stats: Deer Hunting

The year the first New York State law went into effect to limit deer hunting to a restricted “season”: 1788

Number of Game Protectors appointed in 1880, their first year: 8

The per person bag limit for deer established in 1886: 3

The year jack-lighting (taking a deer at night using a light) was outlawed: 1892

Approximate number of deer killed by hunters in 1920 state wide: 10,000

Approximate number of deer killed by hunters statewide in 2000: 300,0000

Estimated Adirondack Park white-tailed deer population following the severe winter of 1969-1970: 30,000

Approximate years the deer population returned to the pre-1970 in Essex County: has not returned to pre-1970s levels

Approximate years the combined Northern New York deer population returned to the pre-1970 level: mid-1980s

Estimated Adirondack Deer population today: 60-80,000

Sources: Deer Hunting in the Adirondacks (Ladd), Adirondack Atlas (Jenkins), Conservation Commission Annual Reports (NYS), The Adirondack Park in the 21st Century (NYS).

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