Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adirondack Stats: Wild Turkey

Average height and weight of a mature male (tom) wild turkey: About 2.5 feet tall and 18 to 20 lbs (up to about 25 lbs)

Average weight of a mature female (hen): 9 to 12 lbs

Decade in which the last original wild turkeys disappeared from New York: 1840’s

The year wild turkeys from a small remnant population in northern PA crossed the border into western NY: 1948

Number of turkeys raised and released in New York State between 1952 and 1960: About 25,000

Number that survived: Almost none

Number of turkeys moved from Allegany State Park since 1959, believed to be responsible for the state’s current turkey population: Approximately 1,400

Current estimated number of turkeys in New York State: 250,000 to 300,000

Number of turkey hunters in New York State: About 100,000

Approximate number of turkeys taken in an average year: 35,000

Amount spent by turkey hunters each year on trips and equipment: Almost $60 million.

New York State’s rank in the nation for money spent by turkey hunters: 8th

Source: Department of Environmental Conservation.

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