Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adirondack Stats: Deer-Car Collisions

Number of deer-vehicle accidents per year in the US: approximately 1.5 million

Months when deer-related accidents are most likely to occur: October and November

Number of people in the US killed in crashes involving animals (mostly deer) in 1993: 101

That number in 2007: 223

Annual repair cost of deer-vehicle accidents: approximately $3.6 billion (about $3,000 per incidents)

Additional annual amount for medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs to drivers: $1 billion

Number of deer-vehicle accidents reported in New York State in 2007: 80,022

Rank of New York State in a list of highest deer-vehicle accidents in 2007: Third

Based on 2007 data, the chances a New York driver will be involved in a deer-vehicle accident: 1-in-141

The nation-wide likelihood a driver will be involved in a deer-related vehicle accident (based on 2007 data): 1 in 209

Source: George J. Bryjak “Oh, Deer!” in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. Photo:

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