Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Contributor: Pete Nelson, Lost Brook Dispatches

Please join us in welcoming the Almanack‘s newest contributor, Pete Nelson. Pete has been a lover of the Adirondacks for 50 years since his family discovered Blue Mountain Lake in 1954 and made it a family summer destination. As the years have passed, Pete’s increasing love for unspoiled territory has changed his focus to wilder areas in the Central and Western Adirondacks and the High Peaks, although camping on Long Island remains a favorite. Pete recently purchased an in-holding in the Adirondacks and will be writing about his adventures exploring it. Readers of his Lost Brook Dispatches should know that some of the details of where it’s located will be changed to obscure its true location.

An avid backpacker, climber and bushwhacker, Pete has hiked extensively in most of the major mountain ranges of America and in a quest to immerse himself in the most remote areas of the park, Pete spends the vast majority of his time off trail. Pete’s wife Amy and kids join in all manner of crazy excursions.

Like every Adirondack lover Pete has a number of favorite private spots. “A certain perch at the top of Wallface, the otherworldly tarn lying between Allen and Redfield, a small waterfall north of the Sargent Ponds,” he told us, and most of all, “a lonely lost brook running through virgin forest in a mountainous cleft in the Central Adirondacks, far off the beaten path.”

When not in the Adirondacks Pete is a college math teacher, musician and professional stilt walker in Madison, Wisconsin.

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