Friday, April 27, 2012

New Look Coming For Adirondack Almanack

We’re going to see some long-awaited changes here at the Almanack! A minor redesign planned for this weekend is the very first step in implementing a lot of the ideas that have been in the hopper for the past few years. I say minor, because the site will look and feel pretty much the same on the front side. There will be some exciting changes however, including new ‘departments’ to feature our bigger coverage areas and provide readers easier access to the stories you’re interested in most. There may be some brief outages while we make the change.

We’re going to begin this evening (Friday) and should be done by Monday. Except for a short time this evening when the actual transfer happens, the site should be up and running. There will likely be a delay for some readers, depending on how quickly some ISPs update their DNS entries, but everything should be back to normal for everyone by Sunday night. E-mail subscriptions, RSS, Facebook, and Twitter feeds should continue as usual.

This is a great time to say thanks to all our readers and contributors over the past seven years. The Almanack wouldn’t exist without the hard work of our nearly 30 contributors and the generous attention of our readers.

Thanks to all of you the Almanack is an outstanding example of community journalism – and there’s more to come!

Enjoy this fall – er, spring – weather, and we’ll see you on the other side of the mountain.

John Warren
Editor, Adirondack Almanack

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John Warren

John Warren has been exploring the woods and waters of the Adirondacks for almost 50 years. After a career as a print journalist and documentary television producer he founded Adirondack Almanack in 2005 and co-founded the geolocation services company Adirondack Atlas in 2015.

John remains active in traditional media. His Adirondack Outdoors Conditions Report can be heard Friday mornings across the region on the stations of North Country Public Radio and on 93.3 / 102.1 The Mix. Since 2008, John has been a media specialist on the staff of the New York State Writers Institute.

John is also a professional researcher and historian with a M.A. in Public History. He edits The New York History Blog and is the author of two books of regional history. As a Grant Consultant for the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, he has reviewed hundreds of historic roadside marker grant applications from around New York State for historical accuracy.

13 Responses

  1. Bill Joplin says:

    John, There’s already such unparalleled breadth and depth in your offerings, with one marvelous new columnist joining your team almost every month, it seems, that I can’t imagine how the Almanack could get any better. Thank you, John!! –Bill Joplin

    • John Warren John Warren says:


      Thanks for your kind words. We couldn’t do it without our many contributors and careful and concerned readers like you.

  2. John Sullivan says:

    Maybe I’m a stick-in-the-mud (it’s mud season, after all) but I liked the open, airy feeling of the old site. So I’ll get used to it. Just keep up the substance.

    • John Warren John Warren says:


      That has been a big concern from the start. I know when I first saw the new design I felt the same way. We continue to streamline the look and I think we’ve tried to keep it to the bare minimum.

      I appreciate your reminder about keeping it simple and informative.

  3. ADKinLA says:

    LOVE the new look! Great stuff John!

  4. Harvey44 says:

    Really like the new look. Is the connection with Adirondack Explorer or have I been snoozin?

  5. John Warren says:

    Thanks for all the kind words. We’ve still got some work to do, but it’s getting there.

    Harvey, I think you’ve been snoozing, haha.

  6. Twin Rivers says:

    When it was John’s site, it appeared to be unaffiliated and independent(even though lots of the writers are associated with organizations). I thought that gave the site a feeling (real or not) of citizen driven content and editorial decisions. I hope the Explorer imprint won’t be too heavy handed. If I want the Explorer’s take on things I can always go to their website/blog – usually easily accessed from the Almanack.

    • John Warren John Warren says:

      Twin Rivers,

      I hear your concerns and will do my personal best to keep the Almanack’s unique voice as we move forward. My hope is that the new design will allow me the freedom to write more – and as a regular reader, I’m sure you know what that means!

      Thanks for reading and for expressing your concerns about the Almanack.

  7. Paul says:


    This is excellent. Way better than than before. It is also much easier for me to bug you with comments! Sorry about that.

    • John Warren John Warren says:


      You’ve help make the site entertaining and enlightening. I know we often disagree, but your love of the Adirondacks and concern for the issues is an important part of the site.

      Thanks for reading and all your commentary.

  8. MSLK says:

    I do not like how this new format is significantly narrower than the width of my browser – too much scrolling required for my liking.

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