Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Historic North Creek Newspapers Go Online

A “Notice!” was placed in the June 22, 1949 issue of the North Creek News by the Water District Superintendent Kenneth Davis and Supervisor Charles Kenwell informing local residence about the drought situation facing them over 60 years ago.

“ To the water consumers of North Creek Water District. The State Department of Health, Albany, has issued a warning of severe drought and possible adverse effect upon public water supplies. So that emergency drought conditions may be avoided Sprinkle lawns only from 7 to 9 pm. Do not wash houses down, or walks or streets. We do not know how long this will last. An increase in water consumption may over tax our supply. We are safe at present. Let us stay that way to insure good health,” the notice stated.

This is just a snippet of information found within 85 years of issues of the North Creek News Enterprise and North Creek News which are now available on the Northern New York Historical Newspapers website.

These latest papers added to the site had a run from March 1924 through December 2009. Although North Creek is in Johnsburg, Warren County, the paper also covers Essex County, and is listed under Essex County on the newspaper website.

The site is provided free of charge and maintained by the Northern New York Library Network based in Potsdam, NY.


There are currently over 53 newspapers, including more than 2,312,000 pages on the Northern New York Historical Newspapers site. Go to for a complete listing of on-line newspapers, which may be searched by county or individual paper.


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  1. Glenn L. Pearsall says:

    Great news and long awaited! Encourage all readers to browse; amazing the stuff that has appeared over the years.