Monday, July 9, 2012

Region-wide Activities for Invasive Species Awareness Week

Groups across the region are sponsoring activities geared to fun and education July 8-14 during the 7th annual Adirondack Invasive Species Awareness Week. Invasive Species Awareness Week provides an opportunity for communities to highlight the threats of invasive plants and animals and for residents and visitors to learn ways to prevent and manage invasive species spread.

This year’s line-up of public events includes an array of interactive activities including invasive plant paddles on Lake George, Fish Creek and Lake Pleasant; forest pest inventories in Long Lake; a nature walk at Point Au Roche State Park in Plattsburgh; forest pest presentations in Bolton Landing and Lake Placid; and, interpretive displays at the Paul Smiths VIC and Lake George Visitors Center. New this year is the Boat Steward Passport. Spend time with a boat launch steward at five of 13 select boat launches and learn about aquatic invaders to become a Watershed Steward Deputy and earn a free t-shirt.

Events are free, but pre-registration may be requested for some activities. Details and contact information are posted online.

Businesses and local governments are also cooperating by posting invasive species messages (such as “Wash Those Waders; Save Our Rivers!”) on signs at various locations throughout the region.

Invading plants and animals are on the move, and each day brings with it opportunities for new invasions. Each day also brings with it important opportunities to stop their spread. Insects like emerald ash borer hitch rides in firewood, and plants such as Eurasian watermilfoil cling to watercraft, getting free rides to new places.  If left unchecked, some invasive species cause irreparable harm when introduced into Adirondack woods and waterways.

Adirondack Invasive Species Awareness Week is coordinated by the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, a partnership program whose mission is to protect the region from the negative impacts of non-native invasive species. Find out more about this award-winning program online.

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