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Adirondack Family Activities: Hoss’s Annual Authors’ Night

Hoss’s Country Corner looms large at the junction of Routes 28N and 30 in Long Lake where the annual Authors’ Night will take place this August 14 for its 28th year. Always held the second Tuesday in August the event has grown from a few to sometimes 80 authors in attendance. According to owner Lorrie Hosley, people now plan their vacations around attending this event.

“This year there are 60 different authors gathered to meet people and sign books,” says Hosley. “It is more manageable. People can walk around and meet all the authors as everyone is always under one tent.  People don’t have to buy books. They can bring their copy and get it personalized by the author. Christopher Shaw will be there along with other Adirondack singers and storytellers.”

The event started when Hosley attended a Maitland DeSormo book signing at the Long Lake Town Hall. DeSormo suggested that Hoss’s Country Corner do something similar with more than one author. Hoss’s Authors’ Night was born.

“Anne LaBastille suggested the same thing,” says Hosley.  “The first few years we did an author fair twice a year, but the event kept growing. It got so big that we could only do it once a year.”

Throughout the years Hosley has gathered a variety of authors, singers and songwriters under the tent. This year she welcomes Patti Brooks, Caroline Andrulis, Jodi Auborn, Larry Beahan, Nancy Best, Hallie Bond, John Briant, Diane Brush, Diane Chase, Dave Cilley, Dave Donahue, Russell Dunn, Bob Elinskas, Lana Fennessy, Gordon Fisher, Andy Flynn, Liza Frenette, Matthew Glavin, Larry Gooley, Perky Granger, Carol Gregson, Carol Heilman, Brian Heinz, Maggie Henry, Bruce Hiscock, Gail Huntley, Bill Ingersoll, Ed Kanze, Pete Klein, Jon Kopp, Kathleen Larkin, Den Kinnehan, Brad Luxford, Nadine McLaughlin, Todd Mead, Lisa Meissner, John Michne, Jay O’Hern, Mary Paladin, Scott Remington, Steven Sawn, Mary S. Shartle, Chris Shaw, Mason Smith, Jamie Sutiff, Sharon Swain, Caperton Tissot, Victoria Underwood, Irene Uttendorfsky, Gary VanRiper Carol Van Riper, Gloria Waldron-Hukle, George Ward, Carol White, David White, Edith Parker Willette, and Don Williams.

Established in 1972, Hoss’s Country Corner has expanded though the original building was always a store. Originally animal feed was available for the horses that pulled logs and bricks of ice filled the ice room. There was a storeroom for hay and the store even sold parts for wood stoves. Now the shelves are lined with Adirondack books, products and gifts. On August 14th, 7:00 p.m., the store will be filled with authors.

“Authors’ Night is always free to attend,” says Hosley. “We have some new authors and books this year like Jon Kopp’s book about Tupper Lake and Matt Gavin’s book about Boneparte. We also have wonderful catering in back of us where people can get something to eat. This year is also special. It is our 40th anniversary of the store.”

Photo used with permission of Adirondack Family Time

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