Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Activities: Northern Adk Artists Studio Tour

As a parent I honor the art projects my children bring home from school. My kids take time to make special cards and spend hours sketching and drawing the world around them. Do I think they will become professional artists? I have no idea. My main goal is for them to be happy. The rest is up to them.

While I try to support any and all artistic endeavors, one annual event I encourage families to attend is the Northern Adirondack Artist At Work Studio Tour.

Always held the last weekend in September, the Northern Adirondack Artist At Work Studio Tour lets people get a glimpse of the artistic process, not just the finished result. We certainly frequent the monthly Adirondack Art Walks and go through galleries. Watching someone create something from his or her imagination is a gift I want to continue to share with my children.

As in years past the studio tour headquarters will be the Adirondack Artist Guild in Saranac Lake. Printed maps are available at the Artists Guild, 52 Main Street, and various other locations. With over 40 artists to date, this year’s event will continue to demonstrate the variety of talent the area has to offer.  On September 28-29 studios, galleries and offices will be available for tour from 10am – 4 pm while on Sunday, September 30, the studio tour hours are noon – 4 pm.

The Adirondack Artists at Work Studio Tour encompasses a large territory. Not only will there be a cluster of artists in the Village of Saranac Lake, but studios will be open in Tupper Lake, Gabriels, Rainbow Lake and Vermontville. Swing back through Saranac Lake and the tour continues through Lake Placid, Wilmington and Jay.

Participants can clearly mark out their chosen path with the maps located in the brochure. The brochure also has a wealth of information about each artist’s chosen medium and contact information.

If you and your family can’t make it to see all the artists, keep in mind that most artists welcome visitors with advance notice. Call the artists you wish to observe. The brochure indicates whether an artist’s studio is open year-round or by appointment.

Learning about art is not always about watching someone else’s creative process. For my family it is being able to see the world through different eyes. My family always walks away with ideas on how to incorporate art materials in a new way. At the very least I can start fine-tuning my holiday shopping list.

Photo courtesy Northern Adirondack Artist At Work Studio Tour

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