Friday, December 28, 2012

This Week’s Adirondack Web Highlights

On Friday afternoons Adirondack Almanack compiles for our readers the best web highlights. You can find all our weekly web round-ups here.

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Editorial Staff

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One Response

  1. Mightymike says:

    The Almanack’s pro- scenic train bias is almost comical. The web highlights always “highlight” pro train and anti rail letters and articles, ignoring pro trail items. A personal favorite was the recent Almanack own headline that was something like “Tupper lake mayor supports train”. Obviously. That wasn’t the news. The real article title was “mayor stalls votes”. The real newswas that the village board supports the trail and the mayor was onstructing and pretending he didn’t know enough about the topic to vote yet. Obviously you have an opinion, but don’t throw your credibity out the window.