Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NYS Makes Large Investment in Adirondack Broadband

Broadband_Wired_PkGovernor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced that New York State will award $25 million in funding to expand high-speed Internet access in rural upstate and underserved urban areas of New York through the Connect NY Broadband Grant Program, including several projects that will affect the Adirondacks.  This newest round of funding brings the total amount for broadband projects during Governor Cuomo’s administration to more than $56 million, the largest statewide broadband funding commitment in the nation, according to the Governor’s office.

Eighteen broadband projects were selected to receive Connect NY Broadband grants based on the endorsement of the Regional Economic Development Councils and technical scores awarded by a committee who analyzed and ranked projects competing for the $25 million in broadband funding. In December, Governor Cuomo also awarded nearly $6 million in funding, from Round 2 of the Regional Economic Development Council initiative, to four project sponsors who will expand high-speed Internet into the North Country region.

Broadband_Wired_Combined_PkAccording to a statement issued by the Governor, “Together, these projects will build approximately 6,000 square miles of new infrastructure and will provide high-speed Internet service to 153,000 New York households, 8,000 businesses, and 400 community anchor institutions – many without any means to access the Internet. In addition to the vast economic benefits derived from broadband access, the projects being funded by Connect NY will create 1,400 new jobs. Most of the funding will be for the “last-mile” of broadband service, which means the projects will provide high speed Internet connections directly to New Yorkers. The last mile is the most expensive portion of a broadband network, and often prevents many rural residents from receiving broadband service, even when service is available to nearby homes.”

The Connect NY program was designed to leverage existing networks which have been built by incumbent broadband providers, through private investments, other state and federal funding sources. An important component to the selection of projects was avoiding “overbuilds,” ensuring project strategies leveraged existing network assets and requiring a comprehensive strategy to utilize broadband after projects were completed the Governor’s press statement said.

Broadband_Wireless_Mobile_PkThe $25 million in state funding is expected to be combined with a private sector investment for each broadband project, increasing the total statewide investment to more than $32 million. Governor Cuomo announced the $25 million Connect NY grant program in August. More than $89 million in broadband applications were submitted through New York State’s consolidated funding application (CFA), which was created to give businesses and other entities streamlined and expedited access to economic development funding.  The broadband projects selected as Connect NY grant recipients in the Adirondack region include:

$200,000 Connect Thurman White Space Project
This project with Warren County Economic Development Corporation will serve the Capital District region. Through a public/private partnership, the Thurman White Space project will provide broadband access to 89 households in the northeast area of the Town of Thurman. The Town of Thurman will also offer economically disadvantaged residents access to public computers and enhanced digital literacy training.

$557,000 Essex County Broadband Service Expansion
This project will serve the North Country region. The Essex County Broadband Service Expansion project will provide high-speed broadband service to households that do not have access within the Towns of Jay and Wilmington, passing 1,900 households. The project will also provide digital video services and potentially a competitive telephone service.

$572,000 Hamilton and Herkimer Counties Broadband
The Broadband 1 project with Newport Telephone Company is a multi-region project serving the North Country and Mohawk Valley regions. The project will leverage existing infrastructure to provide broadband service to 230 residents, businesses and community anchor institutions in Hamilton and Herkimer Counties. The project will also enhance emergency services for both counties.

$976,426 Lyon Mountain Broadband
This project with Slic Network Solutions will serve the North Country region. The Lyon Mountain Broadband Project will provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service in the Community of Lyon Mountain to 527 households, utilizing fiber-to-the-home technology. In addition this network will also deliver telephone service, IPTV service, and advance business services over the fiber.

$1,012,366 Bellmont North Next Generation Broadband
This project with Slic Network Solutions will serve the North Country region. The Bellmont North Next Generation Broadband project will provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service in the Adirondack Park to the northern end of the Town of Bellmont. This service will be delivered utilizing 25.3 miles of fiber to the home and wireless technology to connect 124 households. The network will also allow for the delivery of telephone service, IPTV service, and advance business services over the fiber.

$2,042,177 Connecting the Capital Region
Hudson Valley Wireless will provide high-speed fixed wireless broadband access to nearly 40,000 households and 2,000 businesses that currently do not have access in Washington and Rensselaer Counties. In addition, the network will enhance public safety operations in the region by enabling redundancy of public safety communications and by allowing municipalities to use a portion of the bandwidth at no cost.

$2,162,656 Schroon Lake Next Generation Broadband
This project with Slic Network Solutions will serve the North Country region. Slic Networks Solutions will provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service to 457 households in the unserved areas of the Town of Schroon and the Town of North Hudson. This service will be delivered utilizing fiber to the home technology. Slic will also provide wireless hot spots for frequently visited public locations including the public beach in Schroon Lake.

$5,266,979 Statewide Broadband Expansion
The Statewide Broadband Expansion Project is a statewide project serving 9 regions. Time Warner Cable will deploy robust high-speed Internet service to 4,114 households in the Capital, Central, Finger Lakes, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, NYC, North Country, Southern Tier and Western regions of New York State. The project will also provide residents with access to digital TV, telephone services and security services.

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11 Responses

  1. Dave Mason says:

    Great news. It is good to see the region slowly, finally, getting widespread net access. It takes time, but it is happening. The people with the skills are now getting the grant funding needed to really take care of this issue. Congrats to the winners. These actions will make the park a better place.

    As one of the guys behind the Keene Broadband Project, I really appreciate what you all are doing. Thanks for your work.

  2. Mark Dzwonczyk says:

    Coming from a mentor like you, that means a lot Dave. Thanks for your early vision and consistent support.

  3. Big Burly says:

    Thanks for the hard work and persistence by the folks @ SLIC. All of us in Bellmont look forward to continuing the partnership and hoping that in the near future that Bellmont South gets funded too.
    Thank you Mark and thank you Phil.

  4. Pete Nelson says:

    It is good to see from these comments that Adirondackers realize how lucky they are to have such a collection of committed experts working to bring this technology – and the window the the world it enables – to the park.

    Consider just one example, broadband in North Hudson, with fiber all the way to the home. Think about that: a state of the art connection, as good as any in the world, in one of the sparsest areas of the park. Fabulous.

    Congratulations to all.

    • Tony says:

      Here we are over 1 year later and still no FIBER and not even a date when it will be through North Hudson. Sounds Mr.Cuomo was on a feel good mission when this was 1st told to us. I sure hope its done before the summer of 2016

      • Tony says:

        Well here it is the end of 2014 and still NO SLIC SERVICE, I did make a post on their facebook page asking when they might get to our area and I was told MAYBE by the end of 2015. Wonder what they are doing with all that grant money who’s getting the benefit from it we sure are not and it looks like its going to be 2 PLUS years if and when it does get here.

  5. David says:

    This is wonderful. I know a few families who do not have acess to broadband. Unfortunately, some families still will not be able to get broadband once the “last mile” has been built. They can not afford it. Our small non-profit Museum in Warren County has wanted Internet access so we can further our cause of gathering and disseminating our rich local heritage. Internet access was offered to us for 29.95 per month, but even at that rate, our 501c3 organization can not afford it.

    If your family can afford broadband, I strongly encourage you to go for it.

  6. Matt Mosher says:

    What a crock. Here we are in April 2014 and most areas in and around the Adirondack Park have garbage internet connectivity.

    I live two miles from the village of Malone. The village has Time Warner Cable. The line runs up my road and stops one-half mile from my house. I runs a a quarter mile from my house from the other direction. Time Warner wants me to pay $12,000 to connect my house.

    Meanwhile, the “saviors” at SLIC won’t run an inch of fiber without getting a handout from New York state for the installation first. They are running fiber in some of the most remote areas of our region you will find. The ran a line up the Alburg Road in Moira – at lord knows what cost – when half of the residents ARE AMISH!! Can anyone explain that?

    This large investment in broadband is a total CROCK.

  7. Tabster says:

    Keenes affordable broadband mr Cuomo… I believe metered capped Verizon wireless is outrageus an keene valley video inc prices of Level 1 Internet only – Speeds up to 5 mbps x 256k for $60/month
    Level 2 Internet only – Speeds up to 7 mbps x 512k for $80/month
    Level 3 Internet only – Speeds up to 10 mbps x 1.5 mbps for $100/month
    Is rather quite expensive with constant “fiber breaks”

  8. Don Grant says:

    Here it is September 2014 and no grant funds have been released by Cuomo for the Schroon Lake broadband project. They are frustrated that the grant money has not been made available and cannot go forward without it. Seems like just another feel good press release by Cuomo while we dry out on the vine for years. Our local officials should do something about this.

  9. Tony says:

    Well here we are October 26th and still no internet service here in North Hudson, NY. I cant even find out if and when it will be here in North Hudson. I see them stringing wires maybe one day a week or if lucky twice in the same week. Can anyone tell me whats going on as to when we will have high speed internet service and if they can the cost for it?