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Full Adirondack Park Election Results 2013

voting boothOne of the biggest stories again this election season, though largely unreported, was that for many voters, there was no choice.  A large number of candidates around the Adirondacks ran unopposed, including all the candidates in Old Forge and Crown Point, and dozens of others.  In Warren County, the Glens Falls Mayor and 10 Warren County Supervisors ran unopposed. In Essex County, DA Kristy Sprague ran unopposed as did outspoken Moriah Supervisor Thomas Scozzafava, and longtime Newcomb Supervisor George Canon.

Most supervisors in Essex County that were opposed were defeated. Five of six incumbent Essex County supervisors were defeated, four of them women replaced by men, including Sue Montgomery-Corey, considered among the most vocal opponents of wilderness classifications for new state lands. [UPDATE: Montgomery-Corey has not conceded. She’s eight votes behind and is counting on about 20 absentee ballots, she will have to win nearly every one]. [FINAL UPDATE: Montgomery-Corey was ultimately defeated 209-192].

The big statewide news is that Prop 1 passed, which will allow casino gambling statewide, as did both Adirondack amendments. Prop 4 will settle the Raquette Lake (Township 40) title disputes with the state; and Prop 5 will allow the international mining company NYCO Minerals to mine 200 acres of the Forest Preserve now classified wilderness.

Prop 6, which would have raised the mandatory retirement age for judges/justices from 70 to 80, was easily defeated. The two uncontroversial propositions, 2 (to provide disabled veterans an advantage in civil service promotions), and Proposition 3 (allowing municipalities to continue exceeding their debt limits for sewage facilities), both passed easily.

Here is a look at the results of yesterday’s most important election contests around the Adirondacks and some noteworthy ones nearby:

Essex County (Full Results Here)

Frank Whitelaw the Essex County Coroner criticized for racist comments on Facebook (here, and here) was easily reelected as he ran unopposed.

Elizabethtown: Incumbent Democratic Supervisor Margaret Bartley was defeated by Republican challenger Noel H. Merrihew III (195-248).

Essex: Incumbent Supervisor Sharon M. Boisen was turned out by Edward J. Gardner (Honesty Party).

Jay:  Green Party candidate Fred Balzac (also on the Tax Fairness line) was defeated by incumbents Archie Depo (Democrat and Progressive) and Amy Shalton (Republican and Progressive) for Town Council.  Balzac has previously run unsuccessfully for town council twice and once for town supervisor. The Town Tax Collector race between incumbent Valerie Coolidge (Republican and Progressive) and Integrity party candidate Tina Fenton has gone to Coolidge (294-270). Superintendent of Highways Christopher Garrow (Democrat and Progressive), who has been with the highway department for 28 years,  easily defended a challenge by Fair Deal candidate William Lincoln.

Keene: Republican Gary Manly easily defeated Ryan Hall for Highway Superintendent.

Minerva: Incumbent Supervisor Sue Montgomery-Corey, a vocal opponent of wilderness classification for the Essex Chain was narrowly beaten by Stephen R. McNally (209-192). In the Town Council race, Republicans Douglas McCall a Keith Edward Dubay defeated PeterE. McNally and Rob Lee.

Moriah: Independent Corey Steigleman could not overcome a difficult challenge against Republicans Tim Garrison and Luci Carpenter for two seats on the town board.  Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava ran unopposed.

Newcomb: In the three-way race for two open seats on the Town Council, Democratic candidates Paul B. Hai and Republican and Honesty party candidate Donald R. Bott defeated Mary Anne Dillon Bush (Democrat and Peace party lines).   Hai is program coordinator for the Adirondack Ecological Center at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and serves on the Planning Board. He was widely praised for helping create a web video about the condition of Route 28 that got the attention of Governor Cuomo.  Incumbent Mark Yandon (Honesty Party)held off a challenge for superintendent of highways by up-and-comer John D. Helms (Democratic and People’s Party).

North Hudson: A three-way race between Democrat Robert Dobie and Republicans Marshall G. Gero and  John C. King awarded two seats on the North Hudson Town Council to Dobie and Gero.  King also had the Citizen’s Party line, Gero  the People’s party line, and Dobie the Fair Deal party line.

Schroon: In the Schroon Lake Town Justice race Republican and Honesty Party designee William H. Tribou III easily beat Tracy Hanchett (with the Justice Party line).  Hanchett is a native Adirondacker, long-time business owner, and treasurer for the Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club. Tribou is chairman of the Schroon Lake Fire District Board of Commissioners and an experienced attorney with a law degree from the University of Connecticut.

Ticonderoga:  Two-time incumbent Ticonderoga Supervisor Deb Malaney was defeated by Republican nominee Bill Grinnell in a three way race with Independent Steve Whitford. Neither men would appear at a forum held on Friday, a controversy that was covered by Fred Herbst. Two town board seats up for election were won by Democrat Fred Hunsdon Sr. and Independent Chattie VanWert, with Republican Dorcey Crammond narrowly coming in third and Republican James Kolysko easily beaten.

Westport: Incumbent Westport Supervisor Dan Connell overwhelmingly defeated James Carroll (325-140).

Willsboro: Incumbent Democratic Supervisor Edward Hatch was easily beaten by Shuan Gillilland. For Town Clerk Bridget Brown easily beat Richard Sayward. Greg Dickerson handily won a four was race for Town Justice. Travis J. Crowningshield won a five-way race for highway Superintendent.

Wilmington: Incumbent Jerry Bruce easily beat challenger Linda Lawrence for Town Clerk, the only contested race in Wilmington.

Clinton County (Full Results Here)

Plattsburgh: Republican and Independence party candidate James Calnon has won the three-way mayoral race, with independent Chris Rosenquest coming in second and Democrat Mark Tiffer in third. The police and municipal employees unions in the city backed Calnon, while the firemen’s union is backed Rosenquest.  Former Plattsburgh Mayor (and current Saranac Lake Mayor) Clyde Rabideau actively supported Rosenquest. The current Mayor, Republican Donald Kasprzak, did not to seek re-election.

Franklin County (Full Results Here)

Franklin County Clerk: Democrat Kip Cassavaw easily beat Republican Cindy Gale.

Tupper Lake: In Tupper Lake incumbent Democratic Town Supervisor Roger Amell was soundly defeated by Republican town Councilwoman Patti Littlefield. On the Town Council, Democrat Kathleen Lefebvre, (her four-year term was ending) defeated Republican Eric Shaheen.  Four additional candidates ran for two four-year town board terms: Republican Michael Dechene and Democrat John Quinn (a former APA employee and Tupper Lake school board member appointed to replace David Tomberlin after he resigned) were elected over Republican Don Drew and Democrat Sabrina Sabre-Shipman. County legislator Paul A Maroun ran unopposed.

Tupper Lake Village:  John LaMora, a Democrat of Tupper Lake Village, was easily defeated in his write-in candidate for village trustee against Rick Donah and Leon LeBlanc, whose two-year terms were expiring. The incumbents had the Republican, Conservative and Independence party lines.  All three support the Adirondack Club and Resort project.

Harrietstown: In the Town Council race former Franklin County legislator Gerald Gillmett was defeated with the Republican and Conservative party lines. Former town councilman and justice, and a former village of Saranac Lake mayor, trustee and manager Howard Riley was elected with the Democratic and Unity party lines. For county legislator, Democrat Barabara Rice defeated Republican Edwin K. Randig and Independent Curtis Reynolds.

Saratoga County (Full Results Here)

Saratoga County Sheriff: For the first time in more than 40 years there is a new Sheriff for Saratoga County. Republican Michael H. Zurlo has beat Democrat Philip A. Lindsey to succeed Republican James D. Bowen who did not seek re-election after serving 41 years, the current state record. Democrat Joanne Yepsen won the Saratoga Springs mayoral race.

St. Lawrence County (Full Results Here)

Two-term Democratic District Attorney Nicole Duvé was defeated by Republican Mary Rain.

Warren County (Full Results Here)

Prominent Lake George Democrat John Hall has won a second ten-year term as County Judge and Surrogate by defeating Republican, Conservative, and Independence party candidate Ted Wilson. Hall is quickly becoming the county’s leading Democrat; he already surprised observers by beating Republican Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan in 2003.

Bolton:  Republican Ronald F Conover has easily beaten Democrat Kam Hoopes (606-206). Democrat William A Sherman narrowly beat Republican Matthew R Coon for the position of highway Superintendent (446-419).

Thurman: Supervisors Evelyn Wood narrowly defeated a tough challenge from former Town Supervisor John Haskell (251-228). In 2008, Haskell was convicted of defrauding the government by altering the minutes of a town board meeting to get a personal right of way through property owned by the town.

Johnsburg: Incumbent Democrat Ron Vanselow handily beat independent candidate Curtis Richards (418-150). Vanselow had the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Bill Owens.

Warrensburg:  In the Town Supervisor race Kevin B Geraghty swamped vocal property rights activist and former supervisor Maynard Baker (594-309).

Washington County (Full Results Here)

Dresden: In the supervisor race Democrat George Gang defeated with the endorsement of Bill Owens, narrowly defeated incumbent Republican Robert Banks (111-106). Republicans Donald P Greenough and Edwin F Raymond defeated Democrat Carl E Sobeck for Town Council.

Putnam: Republican John LaPointe was easily re-elected to a 14th term as Putnam Supervisor, by defeating Democrat Patricia Frost. For the Town Board Republicans Cathie Burke and Greg Harris easily beat Democrats Richard White and Richard Malaney.

Washington County DA: Republican challenger Assemblyman Tony Jordan has handily beaten incumbent Republican Kevin Kortright.

NYS Supreme Court Fourth Judicial District

Republicans  Thomas Nolan (of Clifton Park) and Stan Pritzker (of Hartford, Washington County) have handily beaten Schenectady Democrat Mark Powers for two 14-year term state Supreme Court justice positions.  Nolan currently holds one of the seats. The other seat is held by Thomas Mercure, who will now be forced to retire at the age of 70. With the failure of Proposition 6 neither Nolan or Pritzker will be able to serve their full terms. Nolan is 64 and Pritzker is 56. Eleven  counties make up the Fourth Judicial District: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington.


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  1. If the wording of Prop 5 were honest, it would also have included a rewording of Article 14 of the state Constitution to describe state land as Temporarily Wild. Because that’s effectively what its passage means.

  2. Caitlin Stewart says:

    I don’t see results from Hamilton County. Bummer. Has anyone seen results that can post a link for Hamilton County?

    • John Warren John Warren says:

      Sorry, Hamilton County did not post results.

      • Carl says:

        Hamilton County contested election results, per Hamilton County Express website:

        • John Warren John Warren says:

          Unfortunately, you have to be subscribed to see the Hamilton County results on the Express webpage.

      • Darrin says:

        Results will be available via Pony Express in 2014.

        Hamilton County – the land that time forgot. 🙂

        • Gregor says:

          Those results would probably be subject to JW’s journalistic spin:

          “[UPDATE: Montgomery-Corey has not conceded. She’s eight votes behind and is counting on about 20 absentee ballots, she will have to win nearly every one]”.

          Hmmm… let’s do the math – she needs 8 votes – out of 20. So if she only gets half, which is hardly “nearly every one” she would still win. I guess that’s what being “among the most vocal opponents of wilderness classifications” gets you.

          YIKES – good thing you didn’t run for office Darrin!

          • John Warren John Warren says:

            Hey Gregor,

            Why don’t you try that logic again.

            Montgomery-Corey: 184+10 = 194

            McNally: 192+10 = 202

            She needs to get 15 of the 20 at the absolute minimum.

            Considering she got less than 50% in the general election it’s pretty unlikely that she will suddenly get 75% among absentee voters.

            Jump to conclusions much?

  3. Heidi Christiansen says:

    I don’t see results for Fulton County either.

  4. ZYXW says:

    Soon we’ll be voting on a proposition to site a casino at Camp Santanoni.

    • Paul says:

      In the end the Forest Preserve will be larger than it was before these propositions and some day the mining company will be gone. In the end probably a good result on both counts.

      Maybe a couple of slot machines in there but probably not a Casino!

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