Friday, November 15, 2013

Adirondack Park Recreational Web Portal Planned

BrochuresA group of Adirondack Region organizations are partnering to develop an inventory of recreational opportunities in the Adirondack Park to be made available as a web portal and travel app. The new webpage and app is expected to launch at the peak of ski season in early 2014.

The Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages (AATV), in partnership with the Capital Region’s Center for Economic Growth, the Mohawk Valley’s Central Adirondack Partnership for the 21st Century (CAP-21), and the Adirondack Regional Tourism Council (ARTC) are currently working to compile an inventory of tourism amenities and opportunities available in the Adirondack Park that will form the basis of the new website and app.

The portal is expected to adopt strategies developed by the Adirondack Partnership’s Adirondack Park Recreation Strategy Group. The project was identified as a regional priority by the North Country Regional Economic Development Council. Funding for the project is being provided by a Regional Economic Development Council “Market NY” grant from Empire State Development, the State’s chief economic development agency, as well as from the Center for Economic Growth.

According to a statement issued to the press, the project’s main goals are to provide an avenue for Adirondack Park communities to connect their recreation, lodging, dining and other assets to a large audience.

The recreation web portal will be accessible via a web platform on; the recreation app is expected to be available for download on Android and iPhone via smartphones and tablets.  Lake Placid-based marketing agency Adworkshop is overseeing the data collection and mapping, development, and design.

It’s expected that, while recreating in the Park, a traveler will be able to use the app – even if data and WiFi are unavailable – to find lodging, dining, attractions, and other information near their current location.


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2 Responses

  1. ethan says:

    outstanding. what the Adks need is more cooperation between entities (read: the different hamlets) that historically have been in competition with one another. The more they’re able to cooperate with one another on terrific, simple ideas like this one, the more the Adirondacks will benefit.

  2. Renee says:

    Finally a really great idea from the north country! Now it’s time to increase the possibilities…we need more than 2 places to lodge, eat, shop etc. within the many miles between stops, especially to compliment some rail line stops too! Weee whooooo, what fun!!

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