Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Interactive Map of Essex Chain Lakes, Upper Hudson River Wilderness

finchMapScreenCaptureThere’s been a lot of conversation and controversy about the Adirondack Park Agency’s recent classification of new state lands in Newcomb, Indian Lake, and Minerva.

I thought people might want to have a closer look for themselves, so I created an interactive web map showing the new land acquisition and classification scheme.

The url is:

If you’d like to see the aerial imagery for the area, click on the ‘Imagery’ toggle located under ‘Basemaps’  on the sidebar.


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Steve Signell is the owner of Frontier Spatial, L.L.C., an Adirondack-based company offering mapping and data services. He splits his time between Schenectady and Long Lake, where he punctuates his time at the computer with stints on the fiddle and banjo.

7 Responses

  1. Penn Hoyt says:


    Great job! Thank you very much. I really like it.

  2. Bill Ingersoll says:

    The Adirondack Park Agency has created one of their own, although it has only one layer. You can find the link on the APA home page, or click on the below:

  3. Snowmobiler says:

    Does the snowmobile trail layer work?

    • Steve Signell says:

      It should– what kind of device are you using? It might take a while to load, as it’s a large dataset.

  4. Teresa DeSantis says:

    Dear Steve,

    Thanks for this interactive map product.
    I tried to load the map several times- but it appears not to be loading for those of us still using Windows XP with Windows Explorer 8. Contact me and I will send you a screen shot.

    Teresa DeSantis
    Studio Boreas Cartography/GIS

  5. Mike Fischer says:

    A clarification of access to the Essex Chain Track, beyond the on-line interim plan issued by the state last September, is needed. This past Wednesday, I took the 3 3/4 mile hike from the existing Gate 1 to the parking area where the portage trail to Deer Pond begins. Although it was mud season, required maintenance to the road was very evident. There were two sections where the road was washed out, several areas where there were sink holes, and numerous protruding rocks. There are signs prohibiting snow mobiles. The areas where the road is washed out would cause major work around problems for an ATV. Unless repaired, with probable maintenance in most future years, the road is impassable to almost any automobile other than a Hummer.
    It’s appropriate for Gate 1 to be closed prior to some road repair. However, there is only room for 2 or at most 3 vehicles on state land near Gate 1.
    Access by canoe is being advertised, but photographs show ‘guests’ paddling. Access from Gooley Club land is great, but obviously not from the access plan provided by the state.
    The state also advertises access in October 2013. It would be nice to know what is will be as the road dries up.

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