Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Mapping Resources From The Adirondack Park Agency

APA-GIScapture The Adirondack Park Agency has some of the most skilled GIS (Geographic Information Sysytems) analysts at work in the park, and they have also been very proactive in sharing their mapping resources with the public.    I thought Adirondack Almanack readers might be interested in some of the new additions to the agency GIS page found here:

Some of the new products include maps of Park Webcams (with links so you can see the live feed), USGS Stream flow stations, and a newly released (Feb 2014) version of their meticulously curated ‘Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map and State Land Map’ that now includes the newly classified land in the Essex Chain lakes between Newcomb and Indian Lake.

In the comments section of a post I made a couple months ago, Bill Ingersoll alerted me to another nice APA mapping resource, found here: There are many maps on this site, including  an interactive map of Library of Congress Historic Photos of the Adirondack Park, the 1973 APA Land Classification Map, and a Wetlands/Soil map.  

I’ve noticed the agency has also created ‘Tile Services’ that enable one to add APA data layers to webmaps and GIS software on your computer.  These will be invaluable to professionals such as myself and others who can now load the latest APA data with just a few clicks or lines of code.  Thanks to John Barge and the Adirondack Park Agency for making all this available.

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Steve Signell is the owner of Frontier Spatial, L.L.C., an Adirondack-based company offering mapping and data services. He splits his time between Schenectady and Long Lake, where he punctuates his time at the computer with stints on the fiddle and banjo.

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