Monday, May 19, 2014

The Jay Mountain Ridge Trail

Jay mountainA beautiful day on Jay Mountain. The new trail to the summit is a pleasant hike with some amazing views from the ridge. The trailhead is off Route 9N in Jay, NY.


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Jessica Tabora

Jessica Tabora spent a few years living in Italy capturing Roman culture and architecture on camera, and now spends her free time directing her lens to the wild backcountry and majesty of the Adirondack Park. Her photos and trip reports can be found at

6 Responses

  1. david canavan says:

    Was curious as to where the trail head is for Jay Mountain.

  2. Dan Crane Dan Crane says:

    An outstanding photograph. I hope to do a little bushwhacking through this wilderness area sometime soon. Unfortunately, I doubt any of my resulting photographs will look so good.

    • Thanks, you should check out the bushwack to Saddleback mountain, right next to Jay. Looks like it would be a nice one.

      • Dan Crane Dan Crane says:

        I just might. My main reason for going is to check out Lot 8 before it gets cut up, bulldozed and mined, but I figured I might as well take in all that the Jay Mountain Wilderness has to offer while in the area.

  3. Has anyone else run into angry bees along the first part of the trail leading to the lookout? Went late last summer and loved the hike, but several party members (myself included) got stung at two different points along the path.