Friday, July 25, 2014

Ed Kanze: The Bloodletting

ed_kanze_bloodlettingThe day began with a mosquito attacking me before I got out of bed, and it went downhill from there. Cheer yourself up by listening to my tale of woe about a long day during the Adirondack bug season, when mosquitoes provide the wake-up call, blackflies and deerflies assault you for hours, and no-see-ums gnaw you to sleep in this week’s edition of All Things Natural with Ed Kanze.

The podcast is produced by Mountain Lake PBS’s Josh Clement. Listen to past episodes by visiting Mountain Lake PBS’s Borderless North webpage at

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Author, naturalist, photographer, columnist, and Adirondack guide Edward Kanze lives along the Saranac River.

His essay about the passenger pigeon, "In Search Of Something Lost," was named by the John Burroughs Association as the Outstanding Published Natural History Essay of 2004. The Burroughs awards, bestowed annually at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, are America's highest honors in nature-writing. The same essay earned a gold medal in environmental writing by the International Regional Magazine Association. PBS featured Ed and his writing in the 2008 documentary, "The Adirondacks."

Ed can be reached by email at For more information, visit

You can listen and subscribe to the All Things Natural with Ed Kanze podcast by clicking at the Mountain Lake PBS website.

3 Responses

  1. Charlie S says:

    It would be nice to read this story as I’m not a podcast kinda guy.I assume a podcast is a technological device that is held in the hand.I’m still coming out of the cave. We all are….matter of fact.

    • Josh Clement says:

      A podcast is a form of digital audio that can be streamed and listened to on a computer or mobile device. I like to burn them onto a CD and listen to them in the car… where it’s not so easy to read. I’m on the road a lot.

      I’m happy to answer any other questions about a podcast though. Cheers!

  2. Harold says:

    I just returned from 2 weeks in Alaska that included a 3 day canoeing adventure in the Swan Lake Wilderness Area. I thought I knew how bad mosquitoes could be from my trips into the ADK’s but nothing could prepare me for the onslaught we received in a region with several hundred lakes and streams.

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