Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Adirondack Habitat Awareness Day Saturday

jen-062014-snowy11This year’s Adirondack Habitat Awareness Day, combines meeting predators from wolves, eagles and snowy owls to bobcats and fox, and learning about their roles in our ecosystem, with understanding how critical habitat and climate issues impact America’s wild lands.

Habitat Awareness Day is on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, August 30th, from 10 am to 5 pm, at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, 977 Springfield Road in Wilmington.

Keynote Speaker Cristina Eisenberg, author of The Wolf’s Tooth and The Carnivore Way, will present “From Wolves to Song Birds: Keystone Predators and Trophic Cascades”, a discussion of how the behavior of different key animals have a critical impact on habitat, which in turn affects everywhere we work, play and live. Professor Curt Stager, author of Deep Future, will discuss how climate change affects the Adirondacks, and the people, critters and plant life which live here.

Dr. Dan Hall will discuss “How Natural Selection and Random Mutation Drive Evolution”. Steve and Alex Hall will be talking about Adirondack Black Bears, “Bruce the Moose”, and “How Dogs Happened”, while introducing you to the Refuge’s resident wolves, Cree, Zeebie and the four-month old Kiska.

Russ Crispell of the University of Buffalo Outdoor Pursuits Program, will reprise his popular “Tales of Alaskan Wildlife”. Meghan Jensen will discuss how DNA information helps in understanding the health and dispersal of Goshawks. Mark Manske of Adirondack Raptor will demonstrate Bird Banding, and why it is an important tool in understanding the health of our environment, and the end of Summer will be celebrated by releasing some rehabilitated birds of prey.

Habitat Awareness Day also features organic snacks and refreshments from local farms, easy hiking trails, and a chance for the kids to meet Adirondack critters.

There is no admission fee, but donations are accepted and benefit Adirondack Wildlife, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured and sick wildlife, as well as educational programs for schools, churches, civic organizations, fairs and refuge visitors. More information, including a schedule of speakers, can be found at

The First Annual Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Golf Tournament, to benefit Adirondack Wildlife will be held at the Ausable Club in Keene Valley on Thursday, September 4th, with sign-in at 9 am. More information and entry forms are available at


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