Friday, September 5, 2014

Stargazing At Pharaoh Lake In The Eastern Adirondacks

Pharaoh Lake stars

I’ve been patiently waiting for a clear night and conditions were perfect last Friday. Cool temps and open skies. Pharaoh Lake is a great place for stargazing.  The Milky Way is visible from the northern end of the lake.  The crescent moon had set about an hour before I took this photo.

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Jessica Tabora spent a few years living in Italy capturing Roman culture and architecture on camera, and now spends her free time directing her lens to the wild backcountry and majesty of the Adirondack Park. Her photos and trip reports can be found at

3 Responses

  1. sourthcove says:

    Thank you, very nice! Was this a single exposure or was it stacked w multiple images? Whats the light source beyond the lake – moon rising?

    • Thanks! This is a single exposure iso 1600 at 30s f3.5.
      I think it’s Lake George village but I’m not 100% sure.. the crescent moon had already set behind Pharaoh Mountain

  2. Bob Fisher says:

    I understand the effort involved in framing the cosmos with a beautiful foreground. Finding the right place at the right time is quite a challenge. Bravo for the great image!

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