Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pete Nelson: An Updated Adirondack Promotional Quiz

the view from NewcombSince I posted my little prototype promotional quiz on Saturday I have gotten a lot of great input, some on-line, some off-line. The reaction tells me that people are interested in this, so I have incorporated the various suggestions I received into a new version.

Here it is: Adirondack Promotional Quiz Version Two

Some good ideas came from Lee Keet and they were endorsed by several others, especially the idea that the quiz needed more variety so that the answer wasn’t always clicking “New York.” I made some changes but balanced Lee’s suggestions with the need to keep the fact that we’re talking exclusively about New York a secret until the end, as the element of surprise should not be lost. I also accommodated a suggestion to highlight flat water paddling more.

Rick Fenton objected to the misleading suggestion that the Adirondack Park was entirely a “wilderness park” and argued for the importance of the public/private mix. In response I changed some wording here and there and added a slide specific to the public/private mix, borrowing (stealing) some wording from Willie Janeway.

Finally, I swapped out my pedestrian picture of Whiteface with an astonishing shot by photographer Alice Connors after receiving her permission. It captures Whiteface’s grandeur in an especially dramatic way. Alice tells me that people have suggested it must be faked but she says that it looks exactly that way from the ferry past Cumberland Head when there are certain light conditions. She has a point and shoot camera, nothing more. Whatever the details may be, it’s a corker.

Check out the new quiz version and comment away!

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Pete Nelson is a teacher, writer, essayist and activist whose work has appeared in a variety of Adirondack publications, and regularly in the Adirondack Almanack since 2005. Pete is also a founder and current Coordinator of the Adirondack Diversity Advisory Council, which is working to make the Park more welcoming and inclusive.When not writing or teaching mathematics at North Country Community College, Pete can be found in the back country, making music or even walking on stilts, which he and his wife Amy have done professionally throughout the United States for nearly two decades.Pete is a proud resident of Keene, and along with Amy and his dog Henderson owns Lost Brook Tract, a forty-acre inholding deep in the High Peaks Wilderness.

7 Responses

  1. Ethan Friedman says:

    Very nice! missed the first version.

    Now how about a web page so that we can link to it, share on FB, etc.!

  2. Paul says:

    I saw that shot of whiteface recently online in some sort of ad for whatever community college that is in the picture? Clinton?

    What you want to throw in there is a youtube video of some guy wearing a camera and skiing down Cloudspin!

  3. Paul says:

    “Which mountain range has this world famous Olympic ski mountain, with the among the highest skiable vertical in the United States?”

    Think you have a grammar issue on the WF slide?

  4. Paul says:

    WF would really be in the top 10 in the US for vertical if Aspen didn’t pretend it was 3 different resorts!

    Here is a good list.


  5. BRFVolpe says:

    I am keen on your quiz, but have not been able to open either version. I have an Apple laptop.

  6. Tim Hubbard says:

    Pete: Found some things FYI. The quiz is great! These are all typos/grammar issues.
    Pg. 2: “This vista is in the largest park in the Continental United States by far…” May read better as “This vista is in the largest park, by far, in the Continental United States…” IMHO
    Pg. 5: “Which mountain range has this world famous Olympic ski mountain, with the among the highest skiable vertical in the United States?” May read better as: “Which mountain range has this world famous Olympic ski mountain, which is among the highest skiable vertical(s) in the United States?” Again, IMHO.
    Pg. 12: Probably left over from version 1, but the answers can’t all be NYS.
    Good luck with this! I love following all your articles and work on diversity!

  7. Bob Meyer says:

    good changes Pete. this IS more comprehensive.
    now, let’s see this get published & available to the public!

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