Monday, November 10, 2014

An Early Season Ski On The Whiteface Toll Road

BJW_4851Skiing the Whiteface Memorial Highway early in the season is a ritual for many skiers in the Lake Placid region. The toll road was skiable from top to bottom for the first time late last week. This photo was taken Friday evening in the fading light.

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Brendan Wiltse is the Science & Stewardship Director for the Ausable River Association and a professional conservation photographer. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology from Queen's University in Canada. While not out on the water studying Adirondack lakes and streams, he is often roaming the Wilderness with his camera and dog. You can view is photography at

3 Responses

  1. Norman howard says:

    How did you get there. I don’t see any tracks.

  2. Gringo says:

    Thanks for sharing the early season highway report and picture. Please keep sharing your Adk photography.
    On Sunday Nov. 2nd the road from the toll booth to the castle had about 1/4″ of snow and was “skied” by myself and a few others. I am using the Northeastern definition of “skied” as stayed on skis the entire trip. That also allows for NE “snow”, stepping across bare spots and skiing the ditch. Priceless!