Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Environmental Conservation Police Hunting Season Report

ecoNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) ticketed numerous poachers for violating hunting and firearm laws and regulation during the big game hunting season in DEC Region 5, which includes most of the Adirondack Park.

ECOs charged 152 individuals with a total of 270 total charges. The charges included 91 misdemeanors and 179 violations.

“Enforcing hunting and trapping laws helps to ensure suitable populations of deer, bear and other wildlife in the region and throughout the state,” Regional Environmental Conservation Police Captain Daniel Darrah said in an announcement sent to the press. “It also ensures that the large majority of law abiding hunters are provided are fair opportunity to pursue game that these poachers are taking. DEC and the Environmental Conservation Police appreciate the thousands of hunters who consistently adhere to hunting regulations and guidelines, and who pass on the traditions of safety, responsibility and conservation to the next generation.”

The breakdown of the charges include:

44 charges pertaining to the illegal taking of big game (m);
10 possession of firearm during bow or muzzleloader season (m);
8 discharges within 500 feet of a dwelling (m);
3 Criminal possession of a weapon 4th (m)
31 firearms related charges (loaded gun in a motor vehicle, shooting from roadway) (m and v);
81 tickets related to tagging, reporting and licensing (v);
39 charges for hunting with bait or placing salt (v);
30 trespass on posted property (v);
6 spotlighting (4 m, 2 v); and
4 loaded crossbows in a motor vehicle (v).

During the course of arresting the poachers ECOs confiscated 35 illegally taken deer, the vast majority of which were donated to area food banks DEC said.

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