Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Next Farm Talk: Raising A Cow, Ag Tax Reductions

Raising LivestockSmall farmers and interested hobbyists have been attending the Warren County Soil & Water’s “Farm Talks”.  The next Talk, on Friday, February 27th, will include two presentations open to all: “Agricultural Value Assessments: What do they mean?” and “Mooooving and Grooving: What I need to know about raising a cow, but was afraid to ask”.

The first presentation, with Fulton County Soil & Water’ John Persch, will consider the details and requirements for property tax reduction based on agricultural assessments.  The second presentation, by Corrina Aldrich of Washington County Soil & Water, will cover the process of raising a cow.

Ag Assessments

Agricultural value assessments are an important benefit of owning a farm or leasing property for agricultural purposes. Ag value assessments (if approved) are a property tax reduction based on the productivity of the farm soils. Agricultural lands used in production of crops, pasture, orchards, Christmas trees, sugarbush, farm woodlands, silvopasture land and more all qualify.

Raising A Cow

When raising livestock it is important to plan for the number and size of animals you will be raising. Livestock require a certain amount of space, shelter and planning for feed requirements whether you are going to pasture your animals or purchase feed. Additional topics will include watering requirements, silvopasturing, the potential for natural resource contamination and more.

This Farm Talk is Friday, February 27th, from 6 to 8 pm at the DEC’s Warrensburg Office, 232 Golf Course Road, in Warrensburg.

RSVP to Nick Rowell at (518)623-3119 or [email protected] as seating is limited.

Photo provided by Corrina Aldrich, Washington Co Soil & Water.

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