Friday, February 27, 2015

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  1. Lakechampalin says:

    Brian Mann’s report(prob. audio as well as print?) is spot on. Slowly but surely marijuana is heading toward legalization throughout the country. I imagine some states will still outlaw it after its general legal use is accepted in most of the US, just like some states and regions continued to ban alcohol after Prohibition ended in 1933.
    He put pertinent words and thoughts to what I had been thinking the last few weeks when several locations in the Northern Tier announced their hopes of getting one of the 5 state licenses to be doled out for growing ‘medical’ marijuana. I recalled Mann’s excellent series on incarceration in the North Country a year or so ago and how it seemed an inordinate number of those imprisoned were there for drug-related offenses, and that many of these involved marijuana. New York State is dragging its feet on this issue mainly because Andrew Cuomo wants to run for President in the near future and like any good paranoid candidate, can force attack adds depicting him as a drug proponent if our state legalizes pot while he’s governor. And those in the state legislator aren’t exactly being profiles in courage either.
    My hopes are that NY will carefully study the issue of legalization, not to stall legislation for years but to develop an effective plan that will adopt realistic policies that legalize use of marijuana, with attendant consequences for abuse of same, very much like the use of alcolhol is regulated.
    And I know it’s not going to happen this way but it would be refreshing to see some
    legislators have the guts to propose a bill that would allow the voters of New York State to vote on this issue.
    And while that matter is unfolding a commission needs to be formed to review every single person imprisoned in NY State that is incarcerated solely because of marijuana-only drug laws that they were convicted of breaking; the purpose of these reviews being to give amnesty to these people.
    Thanks once again Brian Mann for your excellent reporting.

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