Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Long Lake’s Adopt-A-Bear Program

Bear ContestThe iconic Long Lake Mama Bear, as originally drawn by graphic designer, artist, and photographer Peter Lemon, is the focus of a new contest to celebrate the arrival of the Cycle Adirondacks tour to Long Lake on August 28th.

Everyone in the Town of Long Lake, from school children, residents, second-homeowners, volunteer groups and business owners, are invited to participate in a themed decorate-a-bear contest. 

The Town of Long Lake will provide pre-cut bears on a 4×4 sheet of plywood to be placed along Long Lake’s Cycle Adirondacks route from Deerland Road to the Long Lake Ball Field.  If a business or resident is not along that corridor there will be locations available along the route to display the bear.

Contestants are encouraged to be creative with the bears for a better the chance at winning.  Voting, which will be open to everyone, will begin in early August.  One winner will be announced Friday night, August 28th at the Cycle Adirondacks concert event featuring music by local Long Lake musician Alex Smith.

Bears must be painted, decorated and on display by Monday, August 3rd. To sign-up to adopt a bear (only 20 will be available) call (518) 624-3077.  The Town will provide a pre-cut plywood bear, painted with white primer. Contestants must provide their own decorating supplies.

Cyclists will arrive in Long Lake the afternoon of Friday, August 28th and the town is encouraging folks to line up along the route to welcome the bikers as they arrive.

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