Monday, May 9, 2016

APA Promoting Lake George Economic Development Plan

Dan at APA (2)The Town and Village of Lake George, in collaboration with The Adirondack Park Agency (APA), will prepare an economic development plan for the Hamlet areas and commercial centers of the communities of Lake George. The APA is working in partnership with the municipalities through its Hamlet Economic Planning and Assistance (HEPA) initiative.

The planning process is expected to involve public outreach to local stakeholders, identify a vision for the communities, and formulate plan components. An initial kickoff meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th at 6 pm. The public is encouraged to attend.

Once complete, the Lake George plan is expected to include analysis of current economic conditions, a vision for the communities’ future, potential development areas and implementation objectives and strategies to achieve the communities’ goals. The plan is expected to build upon the Town’s Gateway Project which is expected to install a median, sidewalks, bike lanes, and street trees along the southern Route 9 approach to Lake George Village.

According to a press announcement sent to the media: “Through the HEPA initiative, the APA builds partnerships with Adirondack communities to help them achieve their economic and quality of life goals. During the process, staff work with local governments to facilitate a public input process to identify community economic development goals. APA assists with the development of the plan with the goal to expand existing businesses and attract new projects. A local stakeholder workgroup, with assistance from the APA, is responsible for implementing the plan.”

Elected officials and from the Village and Town of Lake George, the Lake George Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation of Warren County, and the APA’s Economic Services and Planning Divisions are expected to direct overall plan development.

The Adirondack Park Agency launched the HEPA initiative in 2014. All of the Park’s 102 towns and villages are eligible to participate in the HEPA initiative. The initiative is a free service performed by the Agency’s Economic Services and Planning divisions.

The APA also provides technical services for existing and prospective businesses, local and regional economic developers, and community planning and development organizations. Services include market analysis, feasibility studies, project siting and permitting, and assistance with industry recruitment and retention.

For more information contact Dan Kelleher, Special Assistant for Economic Affairs at (518) 891-4050 or visit the APA’s website.


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2 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Like I have said here before this is clearly in the APA’s mandate. They are finally willing to admit that this part of their responsibilities:

    The APA Act clearly says that they are responsible for oversight of development in the Park. This is all part of that.

    From the ACT (my emphasis added) :

    “The basic purpose of this article is to insure optimum overall conservation,protection, preservation, DEVELOPMENT and use of the unique scenic, aesthetic, wildlife, recreational, open space, historic, ecological and natural resources of the Adirondack park.

  2. Todd Eastman says:

    Some good meeting management skills will be needed to keep this on the tracks. It is basic outreach in a region where community stakeholders are often forced into corners before any meaningful conversations are allowed to begin.

    Stick to the process and be patient!