Sunday, September 4, 2016

LGLC Purchases Wetlands in Putnam Above Lake George

The Lake George Lake George South from Record Hill Anthonys Nose courtesy Carl Heilman IIThe Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) has acquired 65 acres in the Town of Putnam from Thomas and Christine Bain. The land contains wetlands and includes a significant part of the Sucker Brook marsh, which drains directly into Lake George at Glenburnie.

The acquisition is also expected to protect a large area of rare northern white cedar swamp. This habitat type is threatened statewide by development, habitat alteration, and recreational overuse, as well as invasive species, such as purple loosestrife and reedgrass.

Map of Bridge the Nose InitiativeThe acquisition is part of the LGLC’s Bridge the Nose Initiative, which is expected to conserve the 2,000-acre Sucker Brook complex in order to protect the water quality of Lake George, connect existing lands protected by the LGLC and New York State, and conserve the northern white cedar swamp.

Sucker Brook is one of Lake George’s ten largest tributaries, which means that the water flowing through it may significantly impact the lake’s water quality. Its protection by the LGLC ia expected to provide a safeguard against excess storm water, erosion of the stream corridor, and nutrient loading from neighboring sources of fertilizers and road salt, further protecting the lake’s water quality.

This most recent acquisition is adjacent to the LGLC’s Gull Bay and Last Great Shoreline Preserves, filling in a gap between the properties. The LGLC expects to extend the preserves’ trail systems to include a strategically placed boardwalk along or through the northern white cedar swamp with wildlife viewing platforms.

Photos: Lake George, South from Record Hill/Anthony’s Nose courtesy Carl Heilman, II, and Map of Bridge the Nose Initiative.

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One Response

  1. M.P. Heller says:

    Kudos to the Bain family and their continued support for conservation efforts in the Lake George Basin. Congrats to the LGLC for putting together another great effort in stewardship.

    This purchase puts an around the lake trail and a LG Wilderness Area that much closer to fruition.

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