Thursday, October 20, 2016

Graveyard Walks Through Warrensburg History Planned

12066017_898903666861717_1774109501254190536_nSince 2001, the Warrensburgh Historical Society has been hosting annual Graveyard Walks. Through historical research, a narrator, actors, visitors and students have the opportunity to learn the connections between national events and local citizens. This year’s event is focusing on people who were killed or died during World War II.

According to Warrensburgh Historical Society President Paul Gilchrist, the October 21 and 28 Graveyard Walks will take place rain or shine, cold or wind. This year’s military theme focuses on five residents with a connection to the Second World War. The two-hour walks are led by a guide to each of the gravestones.

“We have actors portraying each of the characters,” says Gilchrist. “This year we highlight three men and two women. Two of the men were the Haskell brothers. Our walks are not meant to be scary. We have people doing research on each character and then the actor portrays the individual for a six to eight-minute gig that weaves together important information about their lives.”

Some of the characters are well known historical figures while others are unknown, but have a relevant story. This year’s research dug up some interesting facts on the Haskell brothers, Ray and Eldon as well as Emily Reynolds-Martin, Vera Brown and John Taylor. Gilchrist mentions that much of the credit for this year’s event goes to Mikelean Allen.

“Mikelean was one of last year’s actresses and she enthusiastically took on the responsibility organizing this year’s walks,” says Gilchrist. “We also have Liz selling the tickets for us. People call her and arrange with her to pick up the tickets at the gate.”

If the two Graveyard Walk dates don’t fit into the schedule, there is also an opportunity to Dine with the Dead at the Merrill Magee Inn. A full course meal is served while the actors retell each character’s historical story. Reservations for the Warrensburgh Historical Society Graveyard can be made by calling 518-623-9367. The price is $8 for adults and $5 for students. Enjoy!

Photo of the Graveyard Walk used with the permission of the Warrensburgh Historical Society

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