Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Traveling Cure Porch Mobile Exhibition Space Planned

Feisthamel-Edelberg Cure Cottage Photo Courtesy Historic Saranac Lake.The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has awarded an Art Works grant of $20,000 to Historic Saranac Lake for design of the Traveling Cure Porch, a mobile exhibition space that will host community-based history and arts programs.

Cure porches are ubiquitous in Saranac Lake, where tens of thousands of people came from around the world for the “fresh air cure” for tuberculosis. Hundreds of local homes that catered to patients feature these glass-enclosed porches with movable windows.

Historic Saranac Lake’s focus of the first phase of the Traveling Cure Porch Project is to design a sturdy, low cost, mobile space and plan for its construction and use in 2018. HSL is working with Jesse Schwartzberg of Black Mountain Design Build, to create a design.

The Traveling Cure Porch is informed by innovative projects created collaboratively outside of the walls of traditional museums.  HSL is planning to host several community meetings, inviting individuals and organizations to share their ideas about design and use of the space as a mobile museum exhibition space, an artist studio and gallery, an oral history booth, a venue for living history reenactments, a prop for outdoor theater, an information booth, a parade float, and more.

Founded in 1980, Historic Saranac Lake is a not-for-profit architectural preservation organization that captures and presents local history from their center at the Saranac Laboratory Museum. Anyone interested in contributing to the Oral History Project and Traveling Cure Porch Project should contact Aurora Wheeler at aurora@historicsaranaclake.org.

Photo of Feisthamel-Edelberg Cure Cottage courtesy Historic Saranac Lake’s local Wiki Project

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