Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Program on American Eel in Lake Champlain

biologist steve smith with an american eel caught in whallon bay The Lake Champlain Basin Program will host, American eel in Lake Champlain – Will They Make a Comeback? on Thursday, March 16, at 6:30 pm in Grand Isle, Vermont.

Nick Staats, a fish biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Lake Champlain Conservation Office located in Essex Junction, will provide an overview of the American eel’s life cycle, including their connection to the Sargasso Sea. Staats will share American eel observations made by USFW staff in recent years as they monitor Lake Champlain’s fish species.

As noted by USFW sources, the American eel is the only species of freshwater eel found in North America. People have fished and farmed eels for thousands of years, but until recent times, little was known about the eels’ complex life cycle. For more information about American Eel, click here.

Attendees are encouraged to share personal experiences with American eel on Lake Champlain. Homemade desserts will be served.

This event will take place in the Lake Champlain Basin Program Office and Vermont Fish and Wildlife Training Facility, 54 West Shore Road, Grand Isle, Vermont.

For further information, contact the Lake Champlain Basin Program at the LCBP at (802) 372-3213.

Photo: Biologist Steve Smith with an American Eel caught in Whallon Bay, courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service, Lake Champlain Office.

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One Response

  1. Dave Thompson says:

    My grandparents remembered the eel runs in the Spring on the New Haven River in Lincoln Vermont. The low-tech dams did not prevent the life cycle. Was it the introduction of Ag chemicals in beginning in the late ’30s that led to the decline or the sludging of the deep migratory channels?
    As with the eel; also the salmon and migratory trout that has specific breed streams: has there been any studies of fresh water estuaries on Lake Champlain?