Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Book: John Apperson’s Lake George

john appersons lake george A new book by Ellen Apperson Brown, John Apperson’s Lake George (Arcadia Publishing, 2017), offers a significant collection of many Apperson photos published for the first time.

Writing from Virginia where John Apperson spent much of his youth, Ellen Apperson Brown has compiled an interesting collection of captioned images, along with an introductory essay that reveals much of the public, and private, life of her great uncle, who had such a large impact on protecting Lake George and the Adirondacks.

John Apperson began working for General Electric in Schenectady in 1900. An avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, he soon found others interested in Adirondack sports such as ice-fishing and skate-sailing, and they started taking camping trips into the region.

He discovered Lake George one summer while attending a boat race, and later devoted his energy and resources to saving the land around the lake from commercial development, logging, illegal squatters, and unnatural erosion. Apperson promoted Lake George for its recreational potential, and recruited conservation help from leading politicians, philanthropists, and journalists, including George Foster Peabody, New York Governor Al Smith, and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The book’s images are drawn from the author’s personal collection, and from the Apperson Collection at the Kelly Adirondack Research Center at Union College.

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3 Responses

  1. David Thomas-Train says:

    John Apperson was the principal force behind the protection of the spectacular Tongue Mountain Range, lobbying Governor Al Smith and thwarting Robert Moses’ plans for a highway and development all around its fringe. We can thank Apperson that the 11,000 acre peninsula is now almost completely in the Forest Preserve.

  2. Rich Frischmann says:

    I have not seen the book as of this date but I have two on order , available in early May, from Amazon. Everyone that has an affection for Lake George should read everything they can about John for without his on ending efforts we would not be blessed with this magnificent Lake. I thank Ellen for all her efforts,not only regarding this Book but including her dedication to make us more aware of her Uncle Appy and all the work he did for the ultimate benefit of us (Lake George Devotees) all. It is a must that all check her website Apperson Associates. Thank you Ellen from your neighbor in Cary. Rich Frischmann

  3. Rich Frischmann says:

    I have not seen this book as of yet but have ordered two from Amazon with an expected delivery in early May. I encourage all who have any sense of affection for Lake George if they are not acquainted with the unending dedication of ONE, John Apperson, to the preservation of this Most Magnificent Body of water they must do so. I also encourage all to acquaint themselves with the website apperson associates.It is through the great work of Uncle Appy’s niece Ellen that we have these two great sources. Thank you Ellen, Your neighbor in Cary Rich Frischmann

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