Friday, May 19, 2017

‘Adirondack Explorer’ Shares 16 Good Ideas for Outings

It’s time to start planning out what you’re going to do in the Adirondacks this summer and beyond, right? We at the Adirondack Explorer offer plenty of inspiration with our upcoming 2017 Annual Outings Guide.

Tuck it into your backpack and be ready to take on the Great Range in a day as writer Alan Wechsler and two companions (almost) did. See what stopped them just two miles before they finished.

Or do a loop that takes you up Algonquin and Iroquois Peaks and returns by way of Avalanche Lake. It’s not the usual path and the payoff is great!

Or, as some of us like to do, just read about these adventures and look at the fabulous photos. We’ll get to them someday.

The issue is due out in June.

The Adirondack Explorer has a mission of exploring, protecting, and celebrating the Adirondack Park through journalism in its bimonthly magazine, the Adirondack Explorer and Adirondack Almanack websites, 12 Short Hikes guidebooks, and the annual outings guide. By showing readers what’s here and how to make the most of it, we hope to inspire new explorers who want to conserve the Park.

Photo: 2017 Adirondack Explorer Annual Outings Guide.

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Tracy Ormsbee is the publisher of the Adirondack Explorer. When she’s not working – and it’s not black fly season – you can find her outdoors hiking, running, paddle boarding or reading a book on an Adirondack chair somewhere.

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