Monday, July 3, 2017

DEC Announces Improvements At Broadalbin Boat Launch

DEC has announced that improvements, including additional structures, user guidelines, and facility management, are being implemented at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Broadalbin Boat Launch Site on Great Sacandaga Lake.

Physical improvements include the following:

· Parking spots are striped in the main parking area for vehicles with trailers;
· Parking spots are striped in the auxiliary parking area for vehicles with canoes, kayaks, and other small boats on roof racks;
· Signs are installed identifying where parking is allowed and where parking is prohibited;
· An aquatic invasive species inspection site for boats and trailers is located at the access roadway to the auxiliary parking area; and
· A boat and trailer decontamination wash site will be located in the southwestern corner of the parking area.

DEC plans to construct or install additional structures as follows:

· Bollards (posts) along the access road and on the periphery of the boat launch site to ensure vehicles travel and park within the boundaries of the boat launch site;
· Bollards (posts) along the access roadway and on the periphery of the auxiliary parking area; and
· A trail between the auxiliary parking area and the boat launch ramp.

Only vehicles with trailers may park in the main parking area of the boat launch and are restricted to parking in designated parking spots only. Vehicles carrying canoes, kayaks, and small boats on a roof rack or by other means must use the auxiliary parking area and are restricted to parking in designated parking spots.

DEC Environmental Conservation Officers will patrol the boat launch and enforce regulations with assistance from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police.

When the Adirondack Watershed Institute boat launch steward is present, all boats and trailers will be inspected. Boats and trailers that pass inspection may proceed to the boat launch ramp.

Boats found to have aquatic invasive species present or that have not been cleaned and dried since being retrieved from a water body other than Great Sacandaga Lake will be directed to be decontaminated before being launched. Once the decontamination wash station is operational, boats may be decontaminated on-site.

Due to the presence of spiny water flea in the lake, boaters leaving the lake that plan to boat on another lake within five days should have their boats decontaminated before leaving the boat launch.

Boaters are encouraged to use other boat launches on the lake when parking is not available. A list of Great Sacandaga Lake boat launches is available on the DEC website.

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