Friday, September 15, 2017

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the article on UAVs (drones) in the Adirondack park. The rules are simple. Unless you have a FAA UAV license you have no authorization to fly anywhere in a state park. I also have a FAA 333 exemption which allows me to file for an approval on such a flight. Also there is a firm law that prohibits flying over crowds and people at concerts, gatherings, ect. So, my suggestion is to first get your FAA certificate, then follow the federal regulations.

  2. Charlie S says:

    I just watched the ‘drone hikers’ video of the Hurricane Mountain fire tower. The music is boring. The brief history narrated by the Englishman is nothing new to be learned as the history is already in the books or online….if I so choose. The drone is noisy! If we allow this new technology to be utilized in what has been a quiet haven for many generations just so a few techies can boost their egos then shame on us for allowing this can of worms to be opened.

    Quick but sure we are losing our connections to the past which truly I feel are important and should not be overlooked.To me that placid haven the Adirondacks is in a very large way a connection to a past I am ever seeking to feel a bond with for whatever strange reason I cannot fully define.(Maybe the same reason I am drawn towards antique stores or old cemeteries and barns!) Every time I go there some thing comes over me, a sense of place I get nowhere else! Any quiet setting, where man and machine are a faint trickle at best, strikes me as very significant and of vital importance. New York state and many places I have been in the northeast are chock full of places that are like this, even if it’s pulling over in old farm country on a back-road,shutting the engine off and taking in that rural quiet scene. I seek out quiet places, places where I see and feel a greatness outside of myself. There are always new awarenesses but when I go to the Adirondack woods I am transformed………

    Truly I feel that as things around us change we undergo change ourselves. We lose a connectedness that we most likely aren’t even aware of each time we take away more woods, more fields, more quiet spaces. It saddens me what we are taking away! Technological innovations sever us from natural connections and a bond with our past which I strongly feel is important as I have said. There’s more romance in the dust of ages than there is in a newfangled device which I suppose it takes a special kind to realize.

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