Monday, September 11, 2017

Search On For Missing High Peaks Hiker Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens, Hiker Missing Sept 2017New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Forest Rangers, working with New York State Police and the Hopewell, New Jersey Police Department, are searching the Western High Peaks Wilderness for Alex Stevens, 28, of Hopewell.

DEC is asking anyone who may have seen Stevens or has information about his whereabouts to contact the New York State Police at 518-897-2000.

DEC Ray Brook Dispatch received a call on at 1:25 p.m., on Sunday, September 10, from a family member reporting Alex Stevens overdue from a hike into the southern High Peaks Wilderness in the town of Newcomb, Essex County.

Three DEC Forest Rangers responded to the Upper Works Trailhead at the end of Upper Works Road, off County Route 25, and located Stevens’ vehicle. An entry in the trailhead register dated September 2, indicates he planned to spend three days in the wilderness. It is believed he may have been planning to camp in the area around Wallface Mountain.

The three Forest Rangers searched the trails leading from the trailhead on foot while two additional Rangers joined the effort in a State Police Aviation Unit helicopter. The search ended at dark with no sign of the missing man.

Today, 27 Forest Rangers, State Police Aviation Helicopter, and two volunteer professional climbers continue to search. In addition, State Police Investigators are working with the Hopewell, N.J. Police Department to collect information that may assist the search effort.

Alex Stevens is a 28-year-old, 5 foot 11 inch, 220 pound, white male with blue eyes and brown hair. He was last seen on September 2nd near the base of Wallface Mountain wearing sandals, shorts, and a dark blue t-shirt. He may be carrying a green colored, light backpack with a silver foam bed roll attached. He has longer hair that he typically wears in a bun, and glasses.

A pdf flyer for the missing man can be found here.

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14 Responses

  1. LEW says:

    Hope for the best outcome. But this is just getting crazy.

  2. Boreas says:

    It would be interesting to know if at least his campsite was located and if his gear was still present. It seems fairly obvious he was happily camped somewhere on Sept. 2 based on his last sighting.

    Good luck to all involved with the search and we are all hoping for a good outcome.

  3. Bruce says:

    What has the weather been in that area lately?

  4. Charlie S says:

    Sandals in the woods?

    • Ryan Finnigan says:

      Some of us walk barefoot too, bro.

    • Paul says:

      He may have just been wearing the sandals around where he was camping. Lots of hikers bring a pair of flip flops or sandals with them when they hike to wear around camp rather than wearing hiking boots all the time. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions here. Nobody knows what happened here. I wish them all luck.

      • Kris says:

        I grew up with Alex and he absolutely would have worn sandals as a choice, not due to lack of planning. I know the circumstances make him sound like someone ill prepared but he was no stranger to the outdoors.

  5. Charlie S says:

    There’s something therapeutic about having bare feet in contact with the earth Ryan but it’s also good to have solid shoes at hand when you’re planning a few days in the woods.

    • Stephen Daniels says:

      I climb smaller mountains often barefoot on day trips with a light pack, but I’d surely wear shoes on a multiple-day backpacking trip.

  6. Chris Goodwin says:

    I know Alex personally…and I really hope he is found safe…and soon.

  7. Rose says:

    Shared from Bullhead city,Az …I hope he’s found safe.

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