Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lake George Gets $4M For New Wastewater Plant

The Village of Lake George took a step forward in plans to replace its more than seventy year old wastewater treatment plant on Thursday with a $4,273,923 grant from the state. The grant was the largest of the $44 million in grants announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support 24 essential drinking water- and wastewater-infrastructure projects.

The village had already borrowed $1 million to begin designing a new plant, said Mayor Robert Blais. This grant will allow the village to reduce its borrowing.

“We’re grateful the governor recognized the importance of Lake George and the village being able to construct an entirely new waste-treatment plant,” he said.

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Million Dollar Beach in Lake George. Photo by Tracy Ormsbee

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3 Responses

  1. Alex Duschere says:

    I just love those Black Flies, they are better than trail mix .Woman up Tracy!

  2. LeRoy Hogan says:

    Wondering if the village was the mysterious polluter of the lake all this time.

  3. Justin Farrell says:

    Now if we could only do something about those who piss directly into the lake while they’re out enjoying the day in their motor boats…