Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Boreas Ponds Wilderness Advocate Will Hike To APA

adirondack wilderness advocates logoAdirondack Wilderness Advocates (AWA) has announced that Tyler Socash, AWA member and activist, will attend the Adirondack Park Agency’s next meeting on November 16th by walking from the Boreas Ponds Tract to the APA’s Ray Brook headquarters.

Socash will be carrying over 1,000 letters that AWA supporters have sent to the APA in the last three weeks, calling for a full Wilderness classification for the Boreas Ponds Tract with the entire length of Gulf Brook Road closed. Socash grew up in Old Forge, NY.

Tyler Socash Boreas Ponds to APA RouteThe Boreas Ponds Tract is a 20,758 acre property located in the towns of Newcomb and North Hudson in Essex County. The Agency Board is expected to vote soon on a classification for the tract. Their recommendation will then be submitted to Governor Andrew Cuomo for final approval.

For more information about Adirondack Wilderness Advocates, email

Photo at right: Tyler Socash’s planned route from the Boreas Ponds Tract to the APA office in Ray Brook.

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9 Responses

  1. Phil Terrie says:

    How about a map showing his route?

    • Pete Nelson says:

      Hi Phil! Stay tuned, one’s coming.


    • Pete Nelson says:

      Phil and others:

      A map of Tyler’s route has been added to the post.

      Tyler will begin his hike at Blue Ridge Road where the Boreas crosses it, about 4 miles west of Gulf Brook Road. From there he will take the newly-completed DEC trail to Wolf Pond. At Wolf Pond he will bushwhack to LaBier Flow, following a route that AWA has proposed for a foot trail, being a more direct and scenic route to the Boreas Ponds than Gulf Brook Road .

      Tyler will then go north to the Boreas Ponds and take existing trails east and north of the Ponds to intersect with the trail descending from Pinnacle. He will proceed to Panther Gorge, the Four Corners and down to Lake Colden.

      Tyler will take the Calamity Brook trail to the cutoff trail to the Indian Pass trail, then down to Henderson Lake. From there he will continue on the Preston Ponds, Duck Hole, the NPT and out at Averyville. From Averyville Road Tyler will pick up and carry a sign calling for Wilderness for Boreas, walking the remaining 6 miles to the APA.

      All told, Tyler will walk more than 45 miles in 24 hours in support of an expanded High Peaks Wilderness including the entire Boreas Tract.

  2. Boreas says:

    Great idea!! Perhaps a relay-type hike from BP to the Governor’s office would be another possibility. While there, we could insist on more ranger staffing for the Park!

  3. wbb says:

    I hope he eschews roads as much as possible. If the point is to advocate for elimination of the roads as stated in the article “… calling for a full Wilderness classification for the Boreas Ponds Tract with the entire length of Gulf Brook Road closed.” he should make it a true wilderness experience. You could reach Ray Brook from the Boreas Tract by sticking to marked trails for almost the whole way. You would only have to bushwhack up the backside of Scarface. That would certainly send a powerful message about the value of wilderness.

  4. Taras says:

    I cooked up a route that runs about 43 miles long with 6100 feet of ascent. It starts at the Boreas Ponds Parking Area and ends at the Scarface trailhead.

    There are only two parts that don’t follow an existing trail or tote road:
    – north through the Casey Brook Tract (I’m assuming that’s permitted)
    – ascent of Scarface from Pine Pond Road

    Whatever route he chooses, I wish him luck!

  5. Boreas says:

    Perhaps to prove another point, Tyler could carry one of those ultra-lightweight Lost Pond canoes or something on his pack for some or all of the route! Happy trails!!

  6. Justin Farrell says:

    An interesting & creative demonstration of activism for sure!
    Keep up the good work, Tyler & AWA. I agree the Boreas Ponds should definitely be protected with the highest level of Forest Preserve management plan available in NYS, but I’m also not against keeping the current interim access plan. I too will be looking forward to hearing about Tyler’s starting point, route, and his experience during the quest. Best of luck & best regards.

  7. Justin Farrell says:

    Just curious if Tyler is planning to document this journey at all? I’d be willing to lend a GoPro camera if so desired…

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