Saturday, January 6, 2018

10 Things You Can Do To Make The Adirondacks Great In 2018

Every day at Adirondack Foundation we help people be more generous and strengthen the Adirondack region. Our staff put together a list of 10 things each of us can do to make 2018 great, we would love to see your additions to the list.

Ten things you can do to make the Adirondacks great in 2018:

1. Show up — For friends, family, but maybe more importantly for people in your community you don’t know.

2. See other parts of our region — Take a road trip to a part of the Adirondack region you have never seen or only driven through. Stop in the Stewarts or Adirondack Energy, walk in the town office or local history center and see what is important to our neighbors.

3. Support local talent — Attend a school sports event, play, or concert. Buy tickets to local theaters and go see a show or performance at one of the many incredible art centers. Cheer on the Adirondack athletes that will participate in the 2018 Olympics.

4. Bigger acts of kindness — Volunteer at a nonprofit organization that is providing essential or enriching services to your community, consider playing a leadership role on a board of trustees, turn out when there is a call for help, mentor someone who needs to learn something you know.

5. See the world beyond the Adirondacks — Call your school district and ask if you can help support a class field trip that exposes our kids to the world outside the Adirondacks. Montreal, New York City, Washington, even trips to other countries can change kids lives and expand their horizons.

6. Mid-term elections — Inform yourself on the issues using a variety of sources of information, serve on a campaign team if you feel strongly about a candidate, get out and vote, help others get to the polls.

7. Buy local (if you can) — Try for a week, month, or more to buy as much from local merchants as you can. This can be difficult in some places, but every little bit helps.

8. Share yourself — Teach a child something that matters to you; shovel your neighbor’s walk; walk a shelter dog.

9. Get involved in local government — You don’t have to run for town or village office to make your voice heard. Ask about committees that need volunteers, attend public meetings, or simply take the time to reach out to your elected officials to ask questions and share your thoughts.

10. Say thank you — Grab every chance you get to exercise your smile muscles and express thanks for the small and large blessings we receive from each other every day.

If you have more suggestions to add to this list, please leave a reply below – we can all add ideas to make 2018 a great year for the Adirondack region!

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