Monday, February 12, 2018

Six-Weeks of World History Set For Grange

world history lecture whallonsburg grangeAndrew Buchanan, lecturer in global and military history at the University of Vermont, will be presenting on “A History of the World in Six Weeks” at the Whallonsburg Grange on Tuesday, February 13th at 7:30 pm, continuing on subsequent Tuesdays until March 20th.

Buchanan will lead lectures on historical events from the origins of human society, transitions in social organization, wars of conquest, technological leaps, as well as the decline and fall of empires. This series will give an introduction to key developments in history.

Scheduled lectures include:

February 13th: From Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers: The First Great Transition.

February 20th: Cities, Trade and the Rise and Fall of Iron-Age Empires.

February 27th: The ‘Steppe’ versus the ‘Sown’: Pax Mongolica and the Ordering of Eurasia.

March 6th: Disease, Slaves, and Worldwide Trade: The Rise of Capitalist Europe.

March 13th: Industry and Empire: The Global Great Divergence.

March 20th: Inter-Imperialist Wars and the Short American Century.

The lecture series is open to the public and the cost per lecture is $5/adult or $25 for the series (for attendees under 18, admission is free). 

The Whallonsburg Grange is located at 1610 NYS Route 22 in Essex. For more details, visit the Grange website.

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