Monday, March 19, 2018

2 Charged With Poaching Walleye At Great Sacandaga

ECO Pierce at the makeshift livewellAccording to a press release issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation, on February 24, Environmental Conservation Officers Scott Pierce and Jason Hilliard were on patrol at the annual Walleye Challenge Ice Fishing Tournament on the Great Sacandaga Lake in Fulton County when the officers came upon an ice shanty and two fishermen.

According to the ECOs, a small opening in the ice had been dug next to the shanty to form a live-well, and a number of walleye and perch were stored there. Some fish were alive and others were not. ECO Pierce reported that he counted 13 walleye in the pool of water, which put the two fishermen over the daily limit of walleye.

According to DEC, the fishermen said they were going to release the extra walleye after the tournament. ECOs Pierce Hilliard asked the fishermen to release the five live walleye back to the lake.

The fishermen were charged with taking and possessing in excess of the daily limit of walleye.

Photo of ECO Pierce at the makeshift live-well, provided.

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3 Responses

  1. Michael Ames says:

    I am a advivid fisherman myself and fish a lot and these type of violations give the sport a bad name to the public that don’t fish but have nothing against it. The same goes for hunting also a avid hunter and a nys guide and hunter safety instructor. When someone takes more than their legal limit it just gives hunting a bad name and we can’t afford that in today’s society

  2. Harry says:

    These guys are complete idiots. I hope they get full legal punishment.

  3. Justin Farrell says:

    I’m honestly curious why they seem to never publicly mention the names of the violators, but almost always are sure to include the names of the enforcing officials involved…?
    Why not make violators of NYDEC regulations public also?

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