Monday, March 19, 2018

DEC Staff Sampling for Moose Across the Adirondacks

moose Moose (Alces alces) are the largest member of the deer family and the largest land mammal in New York State. DEC staff, in collaboration with other groups, are currently conducting aerial distance sampling for moose across the Adirondacks.

During this multi-year research project, the team is expected to obtain information on the status of New York State’s moose population, health of the moose, and factors that influence moose survival and reproduction.

As part of the study, twelve moose were captured in the Adirondacks in January 2015, fitted with GPS radio collars, and released. Another nine moose were captured in January 2016 and five more were captured in 2017. The movement of the moose are being remotely tracked.

The goal of the Adirondack moose study is to create a moose management plan for New York State based on the data they collect.

If you see a moose in NY, fill out a moose sighting report.

Photo of Moose courtesy DEC.

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    How do I fill out a moose sighting report?