Friday, March 9, 2018

Featured Trails: Ensign Pond Road Trailhead, North Hudson

hammond pond wild forestThere is a small parking area off Ensign Pond Road (County Route 4) that is the trailhead for Hammond Pond, Bass Lake, Berrymill Flow and Moose Mountain Pond in the Hammond Pond Wild Forest. All four trails are great for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Moose Mountain pond has a lean-to which may be accessed from the Berry Mill Flow Trailhead via the Berry Mill Flow Trail and the Moose Mountain Pond Trail. Moose Mountain Pond and Bass Lake are stocked with brook trout for fishing as well.

Hammond Pond Trail follows an old road. It’s an easy 0.9 hike one way to a view of the pond near the old wooden dam of Black Brook. Easy hike with a minimal elevation gain and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Berrymill Flow Trail extends 1.4 miles and steadily ascends 145 feet from the trailhead to Berrymill Flow.

Moose Mountain Pond Trail extends 2.1 miles and ascends 245 feet from the end of the Berrymill Flow Trail to the north shore of Moose Mountain Pond and a lean-to. The trail follows old logging roads along a river with beaver activity and passes by a waterfall.

Bass Lake Trail extends 3.2 miles from the trailhead to the intersection of Berrymill Flow Trail and Moose Mountain Pond Trail passing along the southern shore of Bass Lake. The trail ascends 420 feet in the first 0.6 mile and then undulates over the next 2.1 miles before descending 170 feet in the last 0.5 mile

Trailhead: Located along Ensign Pond Road (County Route 4) off US Route 9.

Directions: I-87 to Exit 29, then US 9 North 2.4 miles to County Route 4 turning right. In 0.2 miles turn right onto Ensign Pond Road (still County Route 4). In 2.7 miles there will be a small parking area on the right a DEC sign.

Trailhead Coordinates: (43.9916°N, 73.6610°W)

Adirondack Atlas Map:

Featured Trails are recommended by DEC.

Photo: Hammond Pond Wild Forest trailhead, courtesy Roost/Kim Rielly.

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9 Responses

  1. Justin Farrell says:

    Bummer this trailhead is not plowed during the winter months.

    • Boreas says:


      I have often found it curious that small communities seem to be always clamoring for tourist dollars, while at the same time placing obstacles in tourists’ paths. Parking and trail access is an obvious place to start. In winter, people are reluctant to park along a road for fear of damage or getting “plowed in”. I don’t know who is responsible for clearing these small parking areas, but the local government can certainly make sure it gets done. A typical county or town plow truck may not be able to effectively clear a small, confined lot, but most towns have some access to pickups with plows that could do the job. This isn’t an impossible job – it just requires some attention.

      Lack of attention to trailheads in general is a symptom of lack of interest in attracting and supporting tourism. These small details are but one reason why tourism isn’t spread equally across the Park.

      • Justin Farrell says:

        Seems pretty clear the Town of North Hudson does not care about hiking & skiing tourism. Even the western trailhead to Bass Lake off of Caza Turn (only minutes off Exit 29) is still unmarked and sometimes even blocked by a parked trailer. And just up the road off Route 9 public access to the Walker Brook trail is still unmarked. There are also trails to Howard Pond, Munson Pond, and Pine Pond…all unofficially marked. Why?

        • Boreas says:


          Perhaps a letter to the governor supported with pictures expressing your concerns would be well-timed before his signature goes on the land classification packages being sent to his desk. Maybe it is possible to make NYS tax payments to these towns and counties contingent on snow removal at ALL trailheads (that may not already be DEC responsibilities) if it isn’t already on the table. I can guarantee nothing will be done unless it is brought to the attention of people with the power to correct it.

          • Justin Farrell says:

            Yes! Been there & done that several times bro, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to help much. I have written letters, made phone calls, shared photographic & video evidence privately & publicly. What more can someone do but vent a little on a public social media website…?

            • Boreas says:


              It may be too late this winter, but you could always bend the ear of a TV news reporter or someone at the ADE who could run an article for you. It still isn’t likely to spur anyone into action, but they may feel it at the polls.

      • Amanda G says:

        I agree. Seems like most of the money and attention is spent attracting snowmobilers and keeping them happy.

  2. Thirty-five years ago, my family owned the cabin on the east side of Ensign Pond and 118 acres up the side of Hammond Hill. But the changing fortunes of time and commerce forced us to let it go. Really about the only thing I miss from my life in New York is that cabin.

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