Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Three Sisters Preserve Fisher Caught On Trail Cam

three sisters preserve fisherThe Lake Placid Land Conservancy (LPLC) has installed trail cams on the Three Sisters Preserve as part of their Citizen Science Monitoring Program.

The Preserve includes a rare sandy pine forest habitat and is home to a variety of wildlife, including fishers, one of which was caught on trail cam video April 12th.

The Conservancy received a $26,000 grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Land Trust Alliance through the New York State Conservation Partnership Program for improvements to the preserve in Wilmington, including the development of a management plan.

LPLC acquired land for the preserve thanks to a grant from the Open Space Institute, land donation from Wilmington resident Scott Avery, and a $25,000 gift from an anonymous donor.

The Barkeater Trails Alliance partners with LPLC maintain a 1.5 mile trail on the Three Sisters Preserve connecting Wilmington to the Hardy Road and the Beaver Brook Tract mountain biking trail system.

The Citizen Science Monitoring Program aims to help the public learn more about the plants and animals in their own backyard and may help scientists and LPLC learn more about areas in need of conservation.

For more information, visit Lake Placid Land Conservancy’s website.

Video still of the Three Sisters Preserve fisher, courtesy Lake Placid Land Conservancy.

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11 Responses

  1. Randy Fredlund says:

    Well this is frustrating. The star of this post is the photo, but due to the size constraints, the fisher is difficult to discern from a cat. Could the photo at least be full column width? Or have a link to higher resolution?

  2. Terry says:

    Great job to all involved parties and individuals!
    My mom would be proud of today’s ‘happenings’ in Wilmington, her home town!!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Randy, click on the trail cam video. It’s highlighted in red in the second paragraph.

  4. Randy Fredlund says:


    Thanks! I missed the highlighted text.


  5. Richard Jarvisi says:

    Is the bike trail and its use a threat to the fisher? If so, trail should be relocated.

    • Suzanne says:

      Fishers are feisty critters, and more likely to be a threat to the bikers. One of my friends once encountered one and ran for his life as it chased him, snarling, up the Giant trail. If there is any threat, it is from cars. A fisher frequently crosses our dirt road late at night but we are familiar with his route and always drive slowly where he likes to pass by.

      • Paul says:

        It chased him? Wow. Seen a few all ran away ASAP. Maybe that one was rabid?

        • Boreas says:


          Critters of the weasel persuasion tend to be somewhat fearless and bold. If hunger, curiosity, or territoriality isn’t driving them, they may indeed just decide to slink away. But if their hormones or mood tell them otherwise, look out.

        • Suzanne says:

          It wasn’t rabid but according to my friend, angry, because he had disturbed it while it was stalking a bird. My parents told me that years ago one of the Beedes had a pet fisher. I’ve thought that the one we see crossing our road might be a descendant. I saw a young one trotting along the bank of our brook — he did not appear frightened, but ignored my presence and went leisurely along on his business.

  6. Tim-Brunswick says:

    Why in God’s name would anyone even consider relocating a trail/any trail just because a fisher happens to be caught on camera. Fisher are plentiful throughout the entire State now and have been for years. Mr. Jarvis needs to do a reality check and/or get outdoors more often!

    Animals have adapted very well to humans and their presence in the outdoors and in particular fisher, one of the boldest and fearless members of the weasel Family. They frequent suburbia preying upon house cats and the farmers chickens.

    • Justin Farrell says:

      “Mr. Jarvis needs to do a reality check and/or get outdoors more often!”

      Tim, you really can’t put that any nicer man?
      Why in god’s name must you always have something pissy to say? Believe it or not, many readers & commenters here don’t have the same extensive backwoods experience as you do, or your charming personality. You should lighten up a little bro. Many of your comments are often impolite & down right offensive. -Justin

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