Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fire Tower Lightings Planned For Saturday

stillwater fire towerStillwater Fire Tower is set to be lit on September 1st from 9 to 9:30 pm, as part of “Light the Tower.” Lighting fire towers on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend started with fire tower enthusiasts in the Catskills.

This is the third year Stillwater has been lit. Stillwater Fire Tower can be seen from the Bald Mt/Rondaxe tower, from Stillwater Reservoir, Tug Hill and the Black River Valley, and Fort Drum’s air control tower.

The Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower in the Hurricane Mountain Wilderness Area and St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower in the Saint Regis Canoe Area will also be lighted.

The event is being sponsored by Friends of Stillwater Fire Tower.

Photo of Stillwater Fire Tower provided.

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Baker says:

    Has Lyon Mountain ever been lt? Id love to see that!

  2. Jim Fox says:

    Bald/Rondaxe will also be lighted on Sat. 9/1/18 from 9-9:30. Fulton Chain people, look up and see your sentinal aglow!

  3. Bill Ott says:

    Last summer I plotted which fire towers should be seen from all the other fire towers within the blue line. The Stillwater tower should be visible from Bald Mountain (11 miles), Woodhull Mtn (17), Loon Lake ( 65), Pillsbury (33), Blue Mtn (32), Wakely (27), and finally Lyon Mountain at 82 miles. I picked out the Wanakena Ranger School tower from 7.5 miles while on Grass Pond Mtn, and that was hard. Lighting up Stillwater should help. Check facebook (Bill Ott, Lakewood, OH) for the chart and photos. Send feedback to